It often surprises me how little thought and efforts wholesale suppliers put into the preparation of their stalls and sales staffs’ training for a tradeshow. If you have decided to participate in a tradeshow, it is important to avail the opportunity and make proper efforts to utilize it. Careful consideration is required to pick the tradeshow that would best suit your business niche, earns you maximum return on investment and justifies your attendance. The prime purpose to attend a tradeshow is to get your customers’ attention and your competitors are there with similar goals.
Here are some tips from Wholesale Page’s experts, which will help you make the most from your wholesale tradeshow presence.
Set your objectives
Tradeshows give equal opportunity to everyone to promote their Wholesale Products and services before the target audience but to justify your presence at a tradeshow and ensure success you need to be specific about your business objectives. You should decide if it is about getting more leads, entering into a new market venture, introducing a new product, or maintaining your market position. Instead of attracting them to see ‘what we have got ’, you must give a particular message to your audience. Focus more on your objectives and you will certainly have a successful tradeshow presence.
Design a pre-tradeshow marketing message
If you are taking part in a particular tradeshow, you have to work more on its marketing aspect and begin the preparations well before the tradeshow begins. Do not just rely on those pre-printed invitation cards or flyers that tradeshow organisers send to corporate buyers. Corporate buyers will receive these invitations not just from tradeshow organisers but from several other wholesale suppliers as well. You can standout among your competitors by personalizing your invitation message. You must give a reason to corporate customers to meet you at the tradeshow.
What to do to get attention?
The sales booths that are managed poorly, have uninviting display and apparently nothing special to get attention, fail to attract visitors. Decent budget is required to highlight your stall with lights, electronic boards and multimedia yet there are many other things that you can do make your booth appealing. A creative approach and tempting message can get you visitors as well as potential customers’ attention. For instance, address issues in your display message instead of listing down the solutions you provide. For instance, instead of saying ‘Get legal consultation from us’, you can write, ‘want to protect your assets from creditors?’ or ‘find how to reduce tax’. Though both messages have the same meaning but have different impacts on the visitors.
Few quick do’s checklist
Stand in front of your booth with welcoming body language and smile. Invite people to your booth and communicate with visitors in an easy to understand language. Leave your company jargons in office. Communicate with visitors and indulge them in conversation with the help of literature such as premium brochures and with samples of wholesale products or demo of services that you offer. Leave them with a smile and assure them that you will post these brochures to them later so it can save them from the hassle of carrying it all along day around. Posting a brochure is itself a follow up.
If you will keep these few pointers in mind, you can surely make the most from your next tradeshow presence.

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Sasha Gibbs is the Marketing Analyst at Wholesale Pages and has been sharing her expertise on Wholesale Products for many years.