In summer mom and dad want to rest, they need to relax. Instead, children see this holiday period as their moment of freedom, days of fun that must be enjoyed to the fullest. At first glance, it seems that the two points of view, adults and children, are destined not to be understood. Here are some tips to ensure that a vacation with children is not stressful for parents and that a family vacation is not boring for children.

The key to all this is to take into account the preferences of the children and reach agreements between all members of the family so that family vacations feel good for everyone. It is very important to educate our children and teach them to open up to new experiences. Getting the whole family to follow sleep routines, healthy eating habits, or disconnecting from the computer and social media can improve relationships between all family members. And of course, summer is an ideal time to carry out these practices.

These are some tips that we would like to give you to enjoy family trips 100%:

Choose the destination: Although the parents will always have the last word, it is important to involve the children in choosing the place. It is assumed that as adults, parents see things with more perspective, are aware of the family finances and always want the best for their children. Even so, we must let them give their opinion, show their preferences, and thus turn the choice of destination into the first joint activity of family vacations.

Fun for all: After having chosen a destination agreed by all the members of the family, it is important to plan activities for all ages and all tastes. We must ensure that there are workshops, activities, or excursions tailored to them and their preferences. We know them well, they are our children. So we must take into account their hobbies, favorite sports ... Finding places to go on family vacations is easier than it may seem a priori.

An organization with flexibility. During the vacation period, it is important to maintain the organization that we have within our family nucleus. Despite being on vacation, it is convenient that there is some continuity in the children's obligations. Obviously, during our holidays with children, there will be periods of free time. That's when we can relax a bit and increase our flexibility with respect to some rules. For example, we can slightly modify meal times or go to bed a little later on a certain day.

Food: When we are on vacation, outside our homes it is common to consume other foods than what we are used to. Therefore, this can be an ideal time to show children the importance of a good diet and to discover new products, especially if we travel with children abroad. Children are generally reluctant to try new things. On the other hand, in summer they tend to be more receptive to this type of change thanks to the fact that they are more entertained and having a good time.

New friends: Holidays are a perfect time to meet other people and make new friends. This affects both children and adults. It is important to set an example and instill in our children that they must be polite and respectful of these new people. Thus, when starting a new school year, our children will have acquired the habit of being more open to meeting new people. If we decide to take a trip with children to another country, the children, in addition to making new friends, will learn a lot about other cultures and to be tolerant, something very important in our current society.

In short, during the holidays we have to ensure that there are moments for EVERYONE. Doing all the activities separately is not good, but wanting to do everything together is not a panacea, there must be time for everything. Children need moments of freedom and play with other children. On the other hand, adults also need moments of peace and socialize with other parents. All this without neglecting the fact that they are a family vacation, and as such, we should use them to rest for a few weeks and also strengthen ties between parents, children, siblings, and even grandparents. Viajacontufamilia offers you the opportunity to enjoy the best vacations with children that you can imagine.

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Hasan Root, a dream lover