Are you looking to try cannabis edibles but have no idea what their potency is and how much you should consume? Don’t panic just yet.

One way is to look into the regulatory standards of edibles manufacturers for a safer and more pleasant edibles experience. Knowing the standard dose and making the necessary adjustments can be quite tricky, though, so...

Here are five tips that give you the lowdown on how to do cannabis edibles dosing properly.

1. Carefully Read Package Dosing Guidelines

The standard edible dose is 10 milligrams, but someone who is new to cannabis should start with, at most, half of that. Once you’ve settled into the effects after an hour or two, you can add a little more. Experienced cannabis consumers can have small doses with almost no detectable euphoria—this is a method called microdosing that’s used to gently stimulate the brain for improved focus, creativity and mood. There are also medical patients who do microdosing as they find that this is better at alleviating their symptoms than high marijuana doses.

2. Always Consider Your Tolerance

Starting with a low dose is always recommended, especially if this is your first time or it has been a while since you last had an edible. Having a low tolerance to THC can make you more susceptible to its negative side effects like anxiety, dizziness and paranoia. Many users find that an underwhelming experience is better than one that is overwhelming. Never try to keep up with experienced users. These high-tolerance users only need a higher dose to get their desired effects and are usually more resilient to the effects of THC.

3. Exercise Restraint and Be Patient

It might be an agonizing wait for the effects to kick in if you have a whole package of tasty cannabis-infused snacks right in front of you. Remember that cannabis edibles are not easily consumed in handfuls; if you lose track of your intake, you can find yourself on a bumpy ride. Take a dose and wait; this will give you a more pleasant experience overall. Cannabis metabolism varies from one person to another, so it’s hard to say when exactly it will kick in. Resist taking another piece unless you’ve already started to feel the effects of the previous dose you had.

4. Take into Consideration Your Stomach Contents

Before you start to dose, think about how much you’ve eaten and how much you’ve had to drink. If you take an edible on an empty stomach, the edible can kick in quicker. If this is the case, you might want to consider starting with half a dose first. One more thing that you should keep in mind is if you recently drank alcohol and how much. Keep in mind that alcohol can significantly increase the concentration of THC in the blood. Because of this, you need to dose modestly if you’re planning to mix these two.

5. Look for a Comfortable Place

Cannabis edibles are very portable, which means that you can take them and consume them anywhere you want. However, it’s also important that you consume them in a comfortable setting. Bigger doses are best consumed when you’re at home or in a place with familiar faces. It’s always recommended that you have your partner or best friend with you, especially if this is your first time using an edible or the first time consuming anything marijuana-related. The presence of a loved one can help keep any anxiety-related effects under control.

Once you (and your body) start to get used to consuming high-THC edibles, it’ll become a lot easier for you to be at peace with your surroundings as you do it. But until then, gather the people and things that you love around you. Enjoy the relaxation, relief, bliss and laughter that good-quality edibles can bring out in a place that’s secure and cozy.

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