Murder mystery is a popular subgenre of crime literature. Oftentimes, stories that fall under this category are thrilling, shocking, thought-provoking, and to some extent, disturbing. These stories rely mostly on clues and puzzles to elicit the elements of ‘thrill’ and ‘mystery’. Mystery at Pima Point by JB Clemmens is an example of a murder mystery whose aim is to bewilder and puzzle its readers. It is an enthralling story that revolves around the search for a bride-to-be who disappears from a cave. The readers of this JB Clemmens masterpiece totally enjoy the surprises, tension, and twists found in the story. If you are an aspiring author who wishes to write your own murder mystery story like the Mystery at Pima Point, then this article is right for you! Below are some useful tips on how to write a compelling murder mystery.

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