Being too busy to exercise is sometimes a bad excuse because one hour of workout a day is just 4% of your entire week. But the truth is that people get busy – they might be moving to another state or have so much going on in their personal and professional lives that they don’t have time to workout and hit the gym.

If this sounds familiar and you are busy but trying to make some time to fit in exercise, health, and overall well-being, then the first thing you could do is wake up a little earlier to get things done. You will want to make the time, set the alarm one hour earlier, and get to the nearest gym.

If you live in Sydney, you will want to elevate your fitness routine at gyms in Sydney CBD even if it is a 45-minute workout session, but at least you will get to move and work on your fitness despite the hectic schedule. 

Here are some other tips:

Manage Your Expectations

Another tip to help you stay fit when busy is to manage your expectations during your busy period. If you know you are going to be busy, you might want to adjust your goals. In other words, with a busy schedule, you might not be trying to do a lot of work in the gym at the minute. 

With a limited time, you will want to go into maintenance mode and consciously try to make good choices. By managing your expectations, you will set fitness goals that will reflect that you cannot put in the effort, yet you are doing what you can. 

Minimum Effective Dose

A busy schedule demands becoming more efficient in what one is doing, and the same goes for your workouts. One of the best things to do would be to do the minimum effective dose. Instead of training five times a week, you will want to train two times a week. 

The goal is to stay in the habit and stay in the routine while getting the workout done. You will want to work out while being in the maintenance phase. When you are in a busy phase of your life, you will also want to make good food choices, even when you have to reach for takeaways. 

Save as Much Time as Possible

You won’t want to waste time in the gym when you have less time. For instance, you might opt for supersets, two sets of exercises back to back. This way, you will save a little bit of time. You can also mix and match workouts, such as exercises for the upper body and lower body, or two muscle groups that aren’t too dependent on each other, such as a shoulder workout with a back workout. 

By opting for supersets, you won’t be too tired while putting in the effort, and the most important part, you will save a little bit of time. If you are busy, you cannot be in the gym for too long but still get the workout done. 

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