The contemporary world poses various threats to women. From being subjected to domestic violence and sexual abuse at home to being catcalled on streets and physically abused in congested public transportation, women's safety is always at risk. Women are incapable of doing night shifts at work for this very cause. Even at work, women are prone to sexual misconduct. The famous 'Me too' movement was an outcome of sexual harassment at the workplace. Although the action brought into limelight sexual misconduct at the workplace and successfully convicted many sexual predators at work, the victory was short lived. Present situations stand as examples of this very fact. Thus, to stop violence against women, women themselves have to take a stand for themselves. And nothing better than self-defense training can put them through a self-empowering and self-reliant experience.
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According to the Hawaii Times Now, 'The average women who get assaulted in Hawaii are between 18 to 26 years old’. These statistics give us the idea that mainly adult females in Hawaii have to encounter physical assaults. Most of the time, these adult women accept assault as their destiny and, in some cases, even worse as they take it to be their fault. Therefore, to provoke these adult women's inner defensive capabilities, they need to be given Self defense training. And the best self-defense classes are the ones that maintain the following basic principles -

1) Be calm and collective – One should not lose control. They should remain calm and cooperative so that they can retort efficiently in case of a sudden attack.

2) Follow the instinct –The inner instinct acts as radar to the external negativity. Therefore, the moment any situation is inclined towards harming someone, the inner instinct always alerts the individual of the impending danger. So one should always rely on one’s inner instincts to evade violent upheavals.

3) Educate and control faculties – One needs to educate oneself on personal safety. Before attacking an external abuser, one should always teach oneself to control one's faculties and utilize them only when the need arises and not before that since not every heated argument calls for a violent reaction. Self-defense classes should be taken to improve the defense mechanism and to balance the application of muscular power.

Thus, while searching for self-defense classes in Hawaii, one needs to follow the below-mentioned steps –

a) The first step is to know whether the instructor provides a basic and straightforward way of training. The training should also be both age and gender flexible so that any female of any age stands eligible to take the training.
b) The second step is to rely on the reputation of the teacher among his pupils. The better the trainer, the better the review.
c) The third step is to rely on the acknowledgment of the media.

Other than these initial steps, one should also analyze the type of skills included in this training. Below mentioned are two such skills that should be included in self-defense training –

1) Adrenaline stress training – This type of training is practiced to prepare the body, mind, and spirit for unexpected attacks. It emphasizes the union of all three parts of the human self to defeat an attacker. It helps in transforming the internal fear experienced during a sudden attack into external defensive action.

2) Full-force fighting – In this training, the female or male instructor takes part in a rehearsal tussle with the student. During the skirmish, the entirely padded instructor strikes the student with various criminal attacks. And the student has to retaliate against the attack by hitting back. These fighting sequences are realistic and are therefore practiced under safety guidelines.

Self-defense is mostly introduced in the form of martial arts along with health and fitness. Martial arts include Judo, Karate, Kung fu, boxing, and so on. You will find various self defense classes near me search tabs on Google if you are looking for it online. All of them prepare women for the worst scenarios as well as a healthy lifestyle. The academies also conduct practical exams to keep a check on the growth and progress of the students. Self-defense classes for women come with special training for women to help them refine their attacking skills. Suppose you search for the self defense classes for women near me. In that case, it also reflects a sense of safety upon the female students' minds, as the level solely comprises females, and some academies even hire female instructors. However, the government needs to promote girl self-defense classes. The number isn’t enough to reach out to the overflowing population of working and daily commuting women and promote the importance of martial arts. Any form of self-defense here will give a morale boost to society.

Thus, if you are looking for a girl self defense classes near me in Hawaii or any part of the world, girls and women everywhere should be encouraged to practice martial arts instead of waiting for a ‘manly figure’ to save them from unwanted situations.

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