Since your customers first come in contact with your retail staff, it is imperative that these groups of employees are properly trained to have professional interaction with your customers. The goal should include helping them to make a choice and pointing out the value they will get after using your products or services.
In this article, I will be presenting some tips that will help your retail staff have a more satisfactory interaction with your customers.

Explain areas that should never be compromised and aspects that require personal decision

Allowing your retail staff to have some allowance to make personal decisions in some situations will help them to creatively address some unconventional issues while they work. However, functions that must be done according to specific rules should be clearly identified. There are many situations when the retail staff performs better when they are given the liberty to make certain decisions independently while assisting your customers.

For example, if your customers want to choose the best blender from they need consultation about top blender brands in the market, advantages of each brand, pricing, years warranty etc. According to the specific needs of the client (preparing smoothies, crushing ices) also could be recommended different brand blenders.

Moreover, if the employee has a personal approach and attract the client with recipe for green smoothie or great idea for vitamin cocktail definitely it would motivate to the greater extend the client to buy the blender.

Some areas which require adhering to strict rules in the workplace include the use of official tools and software, while physical interaction with customers should be left to the staff that can use their natural charisma to make the customers feel comfortable.

Hire retail staff based on natural charisma

It will be easier for your HR team to improve the functions of the retail staff when they already have a natural charm and a friendly attitude. When you have successfully recruited this team, you can now professionally train them to know the processes regarding selling your brand.

It is essential that the candidates’ attitudes are considered before their professional selling skills during a recruitment exercise.
However, your recruitment team might be lucky enough to discover some candidates who possess both qualities. What you should look out for are optimism and a positive mindset. Candidates with these features make the best retail staff after training.

On the simple way to identify candidates who have a natural charisma is to observe them in the midst of other candidates during the selection process. They will exhibit friendliness which comes very easily. They also have good communication skills.

These are the features that your HR team should look out for during a recruitment exercise. And the following interview process can be used to assess the qualities that your team has previously identified closely. Every customer wants to be assisted by friendly staff, and it goes a long way to improving customer experience thus encouraging a higher level of loyalty among your customers.

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