One problem must be made clear for those who are new to this game: it is a very dedicated community, with one of the strongest and longest-running presences in the eSports scene. Therefore, if you get frustrated easily, you should not get too close as you may die with an insultingly high frequency, especially in Competitive mode. However, if you want to be the best gamer here you can get csgo launch options.

Although the only way to win is to practice (and this means dying lots of times) there are some basic tips that can be very useful until you get the controls:

* Learn to play in games with bots or in Casual Mode. Here there are no great risks and you will not frequently meet pro-players or top rankers.

* Get in the habit of waiting crouched for a second or two before turning each corner. If someone comes running, you will hear it. The corner pot technique may not be the most popular, but it's not what we're looking for. Just wait before crossing every corner, just in case.

* Don't run down long hallways with side entrances. It's the best way to get sold out in the crossfire. Instead, move slowly along a wall.

* Be careful with the squares and large areas. This is advice from Captain Obvious, of course. When a place is big and seems clear, it usually is not. Beware of snipers stationed in the corners.

* There are no iron sights here, get down. The game, except for the zoom rifles, does not have the typical option of bringing the weapon closer to the face to aim better. Accuracy, however, improves if you are crouching.

* Automatic shooting is not recommended. Rifles and machine guns with automatic fire devour magazines and it is not convenient to hold down the fire button. Never let out more than three or four bullets in a row, because until you learn to compensate for the burst, they will always drift too far. This is not applicable at close range, of course. With an opponent four or five meters away, try to keep your sights on the chest and empty the magazine.

* Move sideways in shootouts. If you can't get cover, don't stand still like you're a target. Instead, move sideways so your opponent has to move their sights. Do not go zigzag or change direction, unless you see that the enemy is trying to open a line of fire towards where you are going.

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