Car maintenance is crucial for keeping your lovely car for more than a decade. I know it sounds very disappointing because most of us do not want to have the same car for a 10 year period.

We always want to upgrade our car and houses. You can not do this but still you hope so. if we stop being in fantasies and throw some light on the reality section of our lives.

It will be quite evident that we ought to rely on a same car for various reasons. Firstly not every one of us can afford a new car after every year. Almost more than half of the world population is mediocre or poor, if you will maintain your car you would be able to sell it with maximum profit thus your life can be better with a  new but small car. You can sell your car in various sell any car or at sites like sell my car Dubai.

Car maintenance is not a very difficult task. You just have to be very particular for various tasks. You will be repeating those tasks after every few weeks or months. Cars are a basic requirement for an easy life.

You can renovate your car every year and can feel like a new car owner. There are a lot of options for car accessories which can make your car a pro.

Lastly, if you fail to maintain your car then ultimately you will be facing a lot of problems. Your engine can be a mess and you would be spending a lot of money for fixing it. you will be stuck in such issues.

In this article I have briefly explained some tasks that you must be doing in order to fulfil your car’s maintenance. This will help you find out many formulae you have not considered yet.

  • Cleaning air filters

You are supposed to clean your cars air filters after travelling for more than 8000 miles. You can set your car on zero km and calculate onwards. These systems in your cars are meant to help you. Often we ignore them and thus the effective usage of cars is not possible.

You can take your car to some mechanic or if you are able to do these stuff all by yourself you must do it your self. Filters are usually located in the front bonnet. Locate them and take them out, while you do so make sure that you have noticed the position of the filter.

Now clean them or replace them, if they are new then you can clean them with compressed air. You can use various kinds of blowers for cleaning them up.

  • Checking fluids and tyre pressures

Here is a pro tip you are not supposed to check your tyres every day but you can mark your calender for doing so. you must check them after regular intervals or otherwise you can be in great troubles.

Your life can be on risk. Your tyre pressure must stay at standard. In summers you are supposed to be even more meticulous. You must check it after every two days. In summers tires are liable to bursts if you are living in  some hot regions. Similarly travelling to some moderate places requires a sort of smartness regarding tyre usage. 

Other fluids such as acid, ethanol and water must be checked regularly. Specially in winters. If you are living in a very cold region then ethanol will be the time saver for your car batteries otherwise your car would not start car high pressure cleaning tool.

  • Use multimeter for checking batteries

You have to check your car batteries after every week. We all sometimes face this worst condition when our car’s battery is down. This can be very dangerous if you are a regular traveler.

You must get a multimeter to check the batteries.  In case you have not got a multimeter. Go to a nearby mechanic and he would do that for you. You must go to a reliable mechanic because sometimes there can be some freaks to distract you and you can be looted without any serious problem.

  • Checking the spark plugs

We all know that when we start our engines it starts with a spark plug. you must clean them with some oils. You will have to change them after a specific period. You can call a mechanic for helping you out or you can understand the process by reading your car’s manual.

  • Check the AC

Many people complain about the AC and heaters. The wind pipes can be damaged in extreme pressures. When we change the air pressures when the engine is weak. It automatically destroys the a.c and heating systems of the car.

You must check the hooses. There is a coolent in your car. You will have to check the level of coolent. Any cracks in the hooses can lead to insufficient cooling.

  • Check your brakes

Brake and brake fluids are very essential for your car’s performance. you must get it checked after every long trip. You must  check the color of your brake fluids.

If it is dark in color then it ahs got greasy and it is time to change the fluid. If your fluid tank is empty which is a very rare case then most probably your tank has got a leakage otherwise it would not be empty.

Lastly, if you are not free to check the fluids you must notice the screeching sounds. If your car’s breaks are weak then this sound is the most prominent sign.

  • Keep your car covered

Your car must be covered when not in use. Harmful radiations, dust and other factors such as rain can damage the outer look of your car. This is very important if you are planning to sell your car in near future.

If your car is to be parked somewhere outside instead of garage then cover it with some plastic covering easily available in the market it will keep your car clean without washing it after every month.

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