Tiger Woods won his 66th golf title in dramatic fashion by sinking a 15 foot putt to win his sixth victory at the Bay Hill Invitational last Sunday. It was the third time that Tiger had nailed a lengthy putt on the 18th hole to win at Bay Hill. Tiger knew it was going to be in the hole the second he putted. Due to a nine month layoff from golf, some people seemed surprised that Tiger was able to pull this off. Not me, I know what Tiger is made of. He truly made it look like he was hitting a tap in putt.

Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer of all time. If the golf world didn’t already know that, I think after Sunday’s performance at Bay Hill, Tiger made it official. (In my opinion this has been known for a while.) He is the greatest golfer of all time. He is so fun to watch because he makes great things happen while he makes it look easy. What I love about Tiger is that he is one of the greatest examples in the world to follow if you want to be successful. Whether you play golf or not, if you want to be successful in life, do what Tiger Woods does. Success leaves clues so follow him down to a T. Model everything that this achiever does because there is so much that you can learn from this achiever.

What separates Tiger from the rest of the golf professionals? What makes Tiger so special? Two things that really set Tiger apart from the rest of the golf world is his preparation and his mental toughness. To learn more about Tiger’s incredible practice and preparation habits check out What do I want to be when I grow up? Tiger’s practice habits are one of a kind. No one practices their craft the way Tiger does. If you want to be good at what you do, practice, practice, practice. When Tiger Woods finishes a tournament, he goes and practices even after his round is over. That is one achiever that is dedicated to constant and never ending improvement.

The second factor that makes Tiger so great is his mental toughness. When Tiger doesn’t play in certain tournaments, the first thing out of the winners mouth is “I would like to thank Tiger Woods for not playing in this tournament.” Even though they play it off as a joke, they are dead serious. When these golfers play in a tournament that Tiger is playing in, they are always playing for second place because they know that Tiger is going to take first. Tiger isn’t playing against the other golf professionals. Tiger is playing against history. He can elevate his game at any time to rise up against his level of competition. So if someone is playing out of their minds, he will step up his game to play a little better.

Be like Tiger Woods. Practice as much as you can. Practice at your weaknesses until they become a strength. Believe in your abilities to achieve the same way that Tiger believes in his abilities. Tiger doesn’t believe in failure. You shouldn’t believe in failure either. Failure is just an opportunity to begin again more intelligently. Failure is just an outcome. If you don’t get the outcome you desire keep changing your approach until you get the results that you desire. Tiger doesn’t let negative thoughts enter his head, neither should you. You are what you think. Bad thoughts = bad feelings. Great thoughts = great feelings. It is impossible to feel bad when your thoughts are good. With power and control over your thoughts and actions, you can achieve the greatest outcomes of your life. Let your empowering thoughts take you to a level of success that you have never been. Start living your life the way that Tiger lives his. Remember success leaves clues. Model the best achievers so you can achieve similar results. If you don’t your competition will.

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Hooman Hamzehloui will empower you to achieve the greatest outcomes of your life by taking total control over your thoughts and actions.