“At first I didn’t want to look inward. Frankly, I was scared of what I would find—what I had become. But I am grateful I did examine my life because it made me more grounded than I’ve ever been; I hope that with reflection will come wisdom.” –Tiger Woods
This is the first indication that I’ve had that Tiger Woods is starting to “get it”. He must have been working with more than a swing coach!
I am a certified golf nut and a real fan of Tiger’s. I’ve never paid much attention to his life style (other than commitment to fitness and practise) and can honestly say Tiger’s endorsements never influenced me to buy a product.
I never condoned his rants on the golf course nor do I condone (although I unfortunately can relate) what we learned a year ago about his lifestyle.
I admired the total focus Tiger had in competition; his ability to block things out. I admired his technique, his goal setting and his understanding of history. Mostly, I admired his results. Results achieved through coaching and hard work. A commitment to be the best he could be.
I was very surprised when the sordid details of his personal life hit the news a year ago. I did not respect the man who acted this way, but today I respect that Tiger appears to have the courage to make changes in his life. The above quote from today’s paper indicates a maturing of his outlook and some real personal growth.
I would have loved to had the opportunity to work with Tiger as a client; I did relate to things that were going on with him and had to face similar, though far less public, issues and have done so.
How many of us want to look inward? How many are truly scared about what they may find?
Yet you can look inward and address what you find before your life is in total shambles. How much are you prepared to lose?
I hope that the above quote from Tiger is an honest expression of where he is at and honestly reflects a major shift in thinking and that his future actions demonstrate this.
I hope with this new found wisdom comes a return of the talent I love to see Tiger demonstrate on the golf course and I pray he can be a solid father to his children. (www.hopeserenity.ca).

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Keith Bray is a Master Certified Addictions Life Coach offering affordable treatment to substance abusers and those unhappy in life.