Emily VanderVen: Her Eyes Are Bigger Than Her Stomach

Emily is a truly beautiful, slender young woman . . . and like many young women; Emily can eat a horse and not gain an extra pound. "Through my entire life, I never had to worry about what foods to eat or how much I could eat" she comments.

But in January,'09 she got a terrible stomach ache. After hours of waiting for her pain to subside, she was rushed to the emergency room. A week later after many tests and specialists, she was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and was told she would have to take medications on a daily basis and carefully watch her diet.

"This was my biggest fear. Here I am, 25 years old, and I am on a daily medication for the rest of my life. My doctor told me I had one of the worst cases of Crohn's he has ever seen. He said that I would most likely end up on a stronger medication, with an increased dosage. Not only that, but someday I may have to face surgery. This was devastating to me."

Emily's fiancé, Dan, was very upset as well. Emily and Dan (who is a Certified Personal Trainer) made many friends at the gym. "The gym was like a big, open door. I met so many wonderful people at the gym" said Emily. She even found her job through a friend at the gym. She is a remote pilot operator for Raytheon and is going to veterinarian school in the Fall. But back to Emily's devastating diagnosis.

"I thought this would be the worst of it until the hospital bill came. Unfortunately, most of the procedures were not covered and I was forced to pay out of pocket for much of my ER and doctor's visits. Then I found out that the total cost of my medications was well over $300 a month!"

Through yet another friend at the gym, they were introduced to the mangosteen fruit and mangosteen juice. Their friend, Rosemary, used it for her chronic bronchitis, allergies and acid reflux. Emily decided to give the mangosteen juice a try and the brand she chose was Xango.

She drank just a couple servings a day and was going through one case a month. "I noticed I was not having any flare ups, but was still not feeling right after eating many of the foods I used to love, even when I ate very little." In June, '09 Emily stopped using mangosteen juice and her stomach pains came back, her joints became sore, and she was forced to monitor every little ingredient in the food she ate. "It did not take me long to realize that even a little bit of mangosteen juice was helping, but I had to increase my servings." She was told that she needed to drink more mangosteen juice and more frequently. She heard that other people with Crohn's drank 3 servings, 3 times a day to keep the mangosteen juice in their system.

"I will admit I was skeptical, but who wouldn't be especially when you have doctors telling you your condition will get worse?" said Emily. She decided to start ordering two cases of juice every month and drink the 3 servings, 3 times a day. It has been a year now and Emily was able to reduce her medications gradually from 18 pills a day to ZERO!

"I am medication and pain free. The best part, I eat whatever I want and do not worry about flare-ups. My doctor told me that he is shocked by my progress and has advised me to continue doing whatever it is I am doing" she happily reports.

A few months ago Emily shared some juice with a friend and ran out of her supply. Within days her stomach pain and joint pains were back. Emily commented, "I will never go without mangosteen juice and really hope that anyone out there with this condition gives it a try, especially if they are lucky enough to catch it early. I'm sure glad I did!" So is her new and happy husband, Dan.

I sure Hope that you enjoyed reading this story and if you have any questions about how Mangosteen may help you with an issue you may have please feel free to contact Lynn or myself and we may be able to make a suggestion. If you know someone who is suffering with this type of Condition please feel free to pass it on to them as well.

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