"Thrust thy sickle and reap… for the harvest of the earth is ripe." – ancient text. This tip is always right. The earth is crammed with heaven. It's always ready to offer you its myriad blessed fruits of every nature.

Do you know how to seek so that you find what you are looking for? All the riches of the planet are ONLY available when you enrich your concept of YOU. Stop wishing for things. Begin assuming the feeling that those things are already yours.

"I wish I owned my own home." – that's wishing for a thing. Impotent! That which you cannot assume is true about you will never come to you.

"I love how it feels owning my own home." Now, take the time to imagine owning your own home and getting into feeeeling state of owning it. That's right. The only reason to affirm anything is to get into the feeeeling state of assuming it is already true. If you don't feeeel it, you won't real it (you won't reel it into your life so that it's real for you).

"Whosoever hath, to him it shall be given." – ancient script. Do you know what you must have to succeed? Answer: THE FEEEELING OF HAVING ALREADY SUCCEEDED. After that, the rest comes easily. I've proven this in real estate (made millions), in the restaurant business (owned some of Boston's best restaurants), and now in the book authoring business (Amazon International Best Seller).

"Thrust thy sickle and reap" I know of what I speak. Try it. You'll like it.

Author's Bio: 

Rob White is an author, storyteller & philosopher. Rob created RobWhiteMedia.com as a way to provide individuals with all the resources they need to wake up to the power of WOW. Rob has dedicated his life to inspire individuals to realize and accomplish their own life goals by providing seminars, workshops, videos, articles, blogs, books and original animation shorts.

Rob is the international best-selling author of And Then I Met Margaret 180, a guide to achieving "inner strength and outer freedom", and A Second Chance at Success: Remarkably Simple Ways to Open Your life to Opportunities and Turn Past Mistakes Into Lasting Confidence, Happiness and Success. Rob is regularly featured on the Huffington Post and his original articles are published in dozens of print and online publications.