"Three Way's to ROCK out the WEEK for WORKING WOMEN!!"
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1. Preparation, preparation, preparation...I know it is no fun comes the last day of the weekend to sit down with complete intention to devote focus to what could turn out to be a hectic workweek ahead. However, if we admit it, we are doing this anyhow, even if it is just mentally, we are preparing to go back to work and kids to school or daycare. I like to make sure the kitchen is cleaned and all laundry done. I set out clothes for the next morning, shoes, and accessories. Make the lunches and set out the essential items for breakfast. I jot down what days I will cook and what it is I shall make. I make notation of which days I will began work early or work later, which days I will network, and do business meetings across town, and then which days I will intentionally slow down and give myself permission to not be pressured or worried. This includes not sweating electronic communications; this is usually mid-week Wednesday that I choose to consciously mentally and emotionally devote undivided time to the kids by going to the park after school, for a swim, watch the sunset or for an evening stroll or bike ride. On this day, we intentionally slow down the pace. We indulge in the art of simply connecting, engaging and laughing together as a family unit, supporting and loving each other. In 50 years, this will be what mattered most. Living and love.

2. Smile, Smile, Smile…no matter what goes on this week resolve to see the opportunity in it even if it has has thrown you for a loop. Smile…The vacuum was made because an invention with an air pump went wrong thus, the vacuum was born. Our mountains no matter how high have what we need at this point in our life. In honoring all experiences, keep on radiating knowing that progress even when in the process of undoing, unlearning, and letting go, it is still progress, you are still growing.

3. Fit, Fit, Fit...in the time to be fit. Exercising replenishes the spirit, mind, body, and soul. Even just walking at lunchtime, very early in the morning or with friends in the evening. Exercising helps the body naturally deal with stress by the releasing of endorphins, you naturally feel on top of the world. Who wouldn’t want to feel on top of the world?! Make the time to take care of you…as you “ROCK OUT” the many hats of a working woman this week; mom, CEO, executive mom, sister, daughter, friend, lover, teacher, and co-worker….You have exactly what it takes to make this a fantastic week, your best week yet!

Sending Sparks from the UNIVERSE to YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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