Are you ready for a serious, committed relationship now…really? Well if you truly believe that you are, make sure that you have the below tips covered.

1. You’re maximizing your opportunities. If you want to find a mate, then you have to put yourself in an environment where the type of person you want to meet hang out or works. Make sure you look presentable 100% of the time, because you never know who you’re going to run into if you’re having a bad hair day…or you’re in your “doing laundry” clothes.

2. You’re making time. Do I dare ask you to look at your schedule for the upcoming week? How about if I ask you to check it out for the upcoming month? When looking at it, I know some of you may be so busy that you may not have enough time for yourself. If you’re so busy that you can’t even have some time to yourself to relax, collect your thoughts, or even treat yourself to a movie…then how can you have time for a relationship? Make sure you have enough time for work/personal duties, alone time, and time that you can give to a potential partner before you get into a relationship.

3. You’re making space. Did you get rid of your past? In other words, have you physically cleared any traces of your ex in your space? If you haven’t, then be sure to get rid of any pictures of you and your ex, something they gave you and you continued to look at, their number that you stored in your phone/caller ID…and…well you get the hint. And if you have a tendency to sleep in the middle of your bed or park your car in the middle of your garage, then you’re not making space. Make sure you physically make room in your life for a relationship.

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