Are you hoping for good or improved health in 2011; a more financially stable year or better relationships with friends and loved ones? In Feng Shui, good wishes for the New Year include all of these under the banner of prosperity and abundance including an overflowing cup of joy and peace within.

Whatever your resolutions and wishes are for the New Year, you will find ways to accomplish them using three fundamental steps based on Feng Shui’s flow of positive energy principle. These steps will lead you to more prosperity no matter how you describe it. When you improve the flow of positive energy in the various areas of your thinking, surroundings and actions, you can accomplish any goal you choose including prosperity.

It all begins with the concept, everything you think, say and do matters – because that’s how you create tomorrow.

Right Thinking

With the arrival of a new year comes hope. Hope that better things are ahead. Hope that there will be fewer hurricanes and earthquakes; less terminal illness and crippling financial stress; an end to terrorist attacks, battered women and abused children. Hope on a personal level that you will finally become financially solvent, lose weight, increase your income, exercise more, be healthier or just be able to live a less chaotic life. Living in controlled chaos is no fun and as the stress levels rise, so does depression and the inability to dig yourself out of your own hole.

Step 1 – Right Thinking. Everything you do in your life and everything that happens is created in your thoughts first. This is a huge revelation if you’ve never given thought to this before. Your today was a thought you created three to five years ago. If you did not expect to change your life for the better back then, it won’t be better today. If you are still struggling with the same issues today, facing the same financial worries or grappling with the same relationship problems then you did not change your thinking to change the result.

If you are not prosperous today it is because you did not change and plan for it in the past. Change to positive thinking and you will change your future for the better. Right thinking helps you create a prosperous future.

Right Words

Anytime you intend to change something for the better physically or mentally, you will also shift the energy in your world from where it is to something better. That is exactly what happens when you use any Feng Shui principle as a tool. Feng Shui is all about using positive energy to bring about desired results. Call it goal setting, making New Year’s resolutions or the use of Feng Shui; it is all about the energy you surround yourself with and how to improve it so your life will improve.

Step 2 – Right Words. When you think positive energy thoughts to create the future and you articulate those thoughts out loud or write them on paper, you have set into motion the actual process of moving forward to create the prosperity you desire. If you feel uncomfortable about telling others of your hopes and dreams of future prosperity, look yourself in the eye in a mirror every morning and tell yourself what you have chosen to create. This is huge positive reinforcement for you and instructs your subconscious mind to take action.

You can also put your words and pictures of your words onto an Intentions Board (a bulletin board or a page generated and saved in your computer) to help you create the prosperity you desire. If your desire is financial security place $ signs on the board and the words “lots of income” or if it is better relationships place pictures on there of people or co-workers in equal supportive relationships. You can depict anything you desire in this manner to further articulate your “right words.” When you say what you are thinking you are bringing into alignment your internal and external energy so both will focus on your prosperity goals.

Right Actions

Once you have changed your thinking and your words, take the necessary action to make prosperity a reality. Focus your attention on your surroundings to see if they are in alignment with the positive changes you want in the new year.

Step 3 – Right Actions. Use the simple formula C + S + S = BS to create surroundings that support your prosperity goals. This formula, Color plus Shape plus Sound equals a Balanced Self provides the foundation for creating balance in your life. When you consider it, everything in your world including the food you eat and fragrances/odors you smell consists of colors, shapes and sounds and provide you a flow of energy (either positive or negative). If you can eliminate the negative ones that do not serve you well and replace them with things that energize you, your world is bound to improve and you will automatically be more prosperous.

To help you focus the energy in your surroundings on your desired goals, unclutter your surroundings first then use some of the suggestions listed here:

• Encourage better health and new business by placing a picture of a thriving green grouping of trees or a forest in the east part of your home, office and/or bedroom, a healthy green upward reaching plant or something handsome and strong made out of wood
• Encourage income growth by placing a very healthy growing plant (money plant or lucky bamboo) in the southeast area of your living room and/or office, or a money pot filled with 7 gold coins or silver dollar coins
• Encourage improved relationships by placing pictures of people you wish to improve relationships with in the southwest area of your living room (bedroom if personal) and/or office if business oriented - make sure the people in the pictures face toward each other and are happy
• Encourage career improvements or positive changes by placing a waterfall or a picture of a flowing stream in the north area of your home or office

The key here to accomplishing everything you set out to do in the new year and to be more prosperous is to focus. Rather than making new year’s resolutions, resolve to stay focused on the principle, everything you think, say and do matters because that is how you create a better tomorrow – and you will.

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Pat Heydlauff speaks from experience. She works with organizations that want to create an environment where employees are engaged, encouraged and involved, and with people who want to be in control, anxiety-free and confident. She is the author of Feng Shui: So Easy a Child Can Do It and can be reached at 561-799-3443 or – For Feng Shui music for meditation, relaxation and energizing .