I remember I used to attract into my life all sorts of things when I was younger, but I had no idea that it was by the law of attraction, I did think about the power of thought, and I had an inner knowing already as a child that we are as vast as the universe itself. I just didn’t know that the laws of the universe could be used deliberately.

For example I remember that I could think of needing new shoes and the next day someone gave me new shoes. I thought, “That’s strange, I just thought of shoes the other day and now I’m given them.”

Although this happened a lot when I was younger and I used to think of the power of my thoughts, I never really understood the connection between my thoughts, what was manifested in my life, and the power I had to use this universal law to attract things consciously.

As I got older I started to study different spiritual laws and self-development.

I’ll bet you can think of times when something you thought of suddenly appeared out of thin air. That’s not a coincidence; it’s all very much intended, and we can often see it more clearly in hindsight when we begin to see the connection between thoughts and things.

We think so many thoughts every day, thousands and thousands of thoughts, and obviously not all of them will manifest in the physical world. Think of it if you manifested an elephant in your living room just because you thought about one, like in the movie The Secret.

The thoughts we think with strong feelings, those are the ones that create.

That means that for something to be attracted into our life we have to feel passionate and enthusiastic about it; only wishing in a passive manner is not going to do it for us if we want something to change.We must really want it.

That goes for anything feared, too; the stronger the emotion of fear is, the stronger the attraction towards that what is feared. To change the becoming and manifestation of that, change your attention toward that which you want instead of what is feared, and the energy and your feelings shift, too.

When we think of something that we are against, we naturally might feel upset, fearful, or angry. And when we think of something that we are for, we usually feel more empowered and have a more positive attitude.

Example: feel the difference between being for peace, rather than being against war, being for feeding the hungry, rather than being against world hunger, being for well being and clarity of mind, being against drugs. The difference between the feelings of the energies is your guide to whatever you want to create more of in your life. Always go towards that which feels better. How life feels is really how life is and becomes.

Not only are we creating our own life, we are also co-creating the world.

All the people who rally against war, for example, are actually creating more war to be against. All the people who get together in peace create more peace in the world. Decide which channel you want to focus your energy through, ego or Spirit.

Something to take note of is that even when we choose to channel our energy through ego, we still have “divine” motives in our actions, such as security, abundance, etc., but the focus is on ourselves rather that the whole.

We think only of our own well being, and often we hoard or keep the goodies for ourselves out of fear that there is not enough to go around. If you are unsure about where your choices are rooted, ask yourself how your decision is going to affect the world at large, and you will know. If you are the only one who benefits, then it’s from ego. Your soul has always the greater good in mind. That’s why whatever brings you joy is what you are here on earth to share, and with that joy everything else falls into place naturally.

You don’t ever have to think of hoarding or saving out of fear that there might be an end to that which brings you a sense of freedom, such as money, because when you step into the flow of life there is an everlasting abundance waiting for you.

It’s all about perspective, attention, and focus on what makes us feel good or in some cases only slightly better, but in any case the effect of the energy we create gets bigger and it ripples out to the world and the universe.

We are all contributing to the world by the energy we choose to generate.

We are all a part of the whole, and on a deep level we are creating the world together.

When we decide to channel our energy through Spirit, we are focused on service and well being for all, not only ourselves, and that is the true meaning of life: the feelings of purpose and meaning, through giving the best version of ourselves to the world.

"Love and desire are the Spirit’s wings to great deeds" ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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