Our thoughts are truly powerful. They have their own vibrational frequency that when focused upon, grows in strength. So what gives our thoughts power? Our emotions are the fuel. When we feel good, the thoughts we think are empowering and uplifting. When we feel bad, the thoughts we think are destructive.

Look at your life. What you are living is the overall vibration of the thoughts you think. If you're experiencing a life that is magical, delicious and abundant, the thoughts you think are supporting that life. If your life is not what you want it to be, it simply means that you have been focusing upon what you don't want instead of what you do want.

What tends to trip us up is reality does not support what we are in the process of creating but what we need to embrace is the fact that our vibrational reality is just as real as our physical reality. When we launch a desire with our thought, it is a done deal....in our vibrational reality. Our job is to get up to speed, to dial into our creation's frequency/vibration so that it can manifest in the physical.

It can seem an impossible task to monitor our thoughts and in fact, it is impossible to monitor all the thoughts we think. However, you can learn to pay attention to how you feel. When you feel a negative emotion, that’s your cue to shift your focus. The negative emotion is the indication that your Inner Goddess does not see the issue the way you are seeing it. For example, whenever you think about money, you feel tense and worried. This is your cue that you are focusing upon lack rather than abundance and your Inner Goddess knows that you live in an abundant Universe. Reach for a thought that feels better. Keep it general if being specific is too much of a stretch. As you feel relief, you are bringing your thoughts back into alignment with what you desire…with your Inner Goddess. Remember that what you want is already vibrational reality.

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