2014 was a fate changing year for me. Thanks to various reasons I reached a low point, where one would think I can’t get up.I did it anyway. One day while I was sitting in my herbal garden I tried to calm my chaotic thoughts, I started meditating and I suddenly had access to an effective method.And thus Teraxlation was born, this turned my life around.

I’ve been studying the Law of Attraction for a long time. I’ve read many books, used techniques and I created. I created possibilities, love, money and joy.But whatever I did back then, whatever method I used, I never got good results.

It was like something was missing. There were obstacles, problems but they weren’t the cause of the issues, instead it was the absence of something, which blocked the path towards becoming whole.

It was the absence of love. Yes. I was missing the love towards myself, my surroundings, my home and my problems. That’s right, I didn’t love my problems.

I lived as an inhabitant of a dark world, who has not yet discovered the light in life.

We create something every moment. Our thoughts, words and actions fill us with energy, which is then used for whatever we concentrate on.

Every thought radiates into the Universe, it sends a sign and this sign gets a response. The quality of the answer is based on the sign we radiated.

It works 24/7.Just imagine, there’s a huge transceiver which works on giving the sings some shape and form, then it sends it back to you. No exceptions. It’s working right now too, it’s working on what you’re thinking now, actually. This meant the rebirth of manifestation to me, the fact that I noticed the importance of vibrations.

There are words with high and low pitched vibrations. Through conscious use of these vibrations we are able to change the sings we radiate, our mood and our general attitude towards things. Every thought and words affects our DNA, negative words have a destructive effect, while the positive ones build, heal and create.

When you’re in a difficult situation and you start to „love” the current circumstances, you start repeating this: I love you. I love you. I love you . - you return to the path of positive creation. You change the vibration. Memories start appearing in your mind which all fill you with joy and happiness. And when these become your priority, your creation will be wonderful again.

While sitting in my garden was when I finally understood the point of changing the quality of your energies. When I focus on things that I find unbearable, I radiate these negative vibes into the Universe and nothing good will come to you when you do this.But the moment I’m able to look at it from the perspective of love, the sings start to chagne immediately. And if the radiated signs chagnes, then the result changes accordingly...

Whatever happened then, I’m grateful for it, because if I didn’t have that experience then I wouldn’t be where I am now and my dreams wouldn’t have come true.

During Teraxlation we help the flowing of love using combined techniques. The key to creation is the Heart.If you love something and you channel this energy to your dreams, then the process becomes much more effective.

Everything - be it a negative or a positive event or thought – that you palce into your heart comes to life. Its quality changes, its frequency starts to rise. The heart can release energy waves that are five thousand times stronger than the ones the brain releases. So if you cover your goals with the energy of your love, utilizing the Law of Attraction becomes much easier and simpler.

Of course there are basic principles which you need to pay attention to:

Know what you really want and desire. Ask!The Universe is eager to listen! Belive it’s already yours!

Be grateful for it!Don’t be grateful for just the accomplishment of the goal, but for the millions of wonders which lead you to it!

Live with the opportunities that are presented to you, act!

Let’s look at the process of manifestation step-by-step:

Decide what you really want. Make this a goal that you really want to achieve (not because others told you to), something which really takes your life a step forward.

Express your desire to the Universe in a way that you feel is the closest to you.

Believe that you’ve already gotten it.You live the life you want, and everything is going the way you want them to.You have to trust yourself, Creation and the quality of your singn’s energy. Confidence, faith and positivity. At this point, we collected everything through one simple exercise.

Get comfortable, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Take another deep breath through your crown chakras, lead it along your spine, then exhale slowly. Repeat this twice.

Now concentrate on your dreams. Imagine that it’s come true, and you live the life you want.You are in your ideal present, under circumstances that you made appear in your Dream-folder. Breathe and be present in this reality. Hear the voices and sounds, feel the things around you. See the life of your dreams. Fill it with colors, play with it!

Take a deep breath.Go back to your ideal life again. Keep being present, let a perfect and detailed picture form in front of your eyes. Then when you feel that you completely invested yourself in this reality, place your hands on your heart and say the following: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Let your hands slide down to your lap.

See yourself in your new reality. What are you like? What feelings do you radiate?What’s in your heart? When you familiarize with your new self, place your hands on your heart again and say the following:

Stay in this happy state for a while, and when you feel like it, take a deep breath, move your hands around and open your eyes.

Love, Faith, Gratitude and Trust are the things that fuse together in this exercise. These energies, the high-frequency pure thoughts and feelings create the foundations for the cocscience of creation.

Pay attention to the thoughts you radiate! Express your good feelings, radiate rays of light filled with love and joy. Do this so when these thoughts return they will grant you the life of your dreams.

If any problems arise, don’t stay in that situation for long. Raise it to your heart, place it onto the altar of your Soul, make it into a love-ball. Then, with a decisive move let it go so that your wings can unfold.

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Theresia Valoczy International Bestselling Author, LOA coach, hympnotherapist.
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