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Worldwide, coffee is among the most popular of beverages, enjoyed by millions. It is estimated that 3.4 billion pounds are consumed each year within the USA alone. Coffee is one of the best studied beverage to offer some health effects. But how much is too much, does it carry risk of contributing to things such as cancer, and what is behind this new proposed warning label for coffee?

For the most part coffee research suggests it's okay at least for most people. A recent study has suggested that coffee drinkers may even live longer regardless if it was caffeinated or not, with the authors concluding that health benefits of coffee go beyond caffeine. During 2016, W.H.O removed coffee off its possible carcinogen listing. There has been several articles describing Proposition 65 which was passed in California during 1986 requiring notification to consumers of possible links to cancers; businesses must provide a warning label when exposing any consumer to any item on a list of potentially harmful chemicals, of which acrylamide is listed which is found within coffee produced during the roasting process. There are both sides to coffee with some being for and some against. There has not been a study to convincingly link acrylamide found in coffee to risk of cancer, many studies have explored the potential of links between cancer and coffee with the most damning suggesting hot beverages may increase risk of esophageal cancer. Amounts of acrylamide in coffee varies and is small compared to foods that cause cancer in animals, in addition there are other sources of acrylamide such as bread, breakfast cereals, and cigarettes that don’t get any attention.

In L.A, a judge ruling new labeling requirements for coffee states that coffee companies did not prove that acrylamide was safe, meaning the judge asked coffee makers to prove a negative absence of risk, as well as discounting research on links to coffee consumption and benefits. Proving a negative is not an easy task and part of the reason many theories persist. While the plaintiff offered evidence of harm, it is suggested that since the coffee companies could not show it was safe and acrylamide is listed on the long list of potentially harmful chemicals the judge ruled in favor of the warning label with the defendants failing to satisfy their burden of proof. Additional legal action is expected, and it may be some time before California’s plans with regard to warning labels are settled. There are things which can be done to limit acrylamide exposure such as eating less fried food, avoiding burnt or charred foods, not smoking, and avoiding instant coffee. Maybe coffee makers will come up with a new process to roast coffee, if so new studies will need to be conducted as it is not known if changing how coffee is roasted will change its effect on health, and as is the case of potentially carcinogenic toxins additional research will be needed to determine if the amount of acrylamide matters a little, a lot, or not at all. Next week join me to discuss the TRUE benefits of do not want to miss this! SignUP here! PS: Visit our is currently in the process of being revamped and redesigned for an easy and seamless shopping experience. THANK YOU! FREE shipping on all orders.

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