A writer's block can be one of the most frustrating things that writers go through during their creative process. It is something that is often hidden, and so you do not know what is affecting you and why. We usually assume that it is easy for us to beat writer’s block whenever it arises and that it would not last that long. However, the actuality is that it usually does. Writer’s block manifests itself in various different ways, and it becomes more dissatisfying as the next. We, of course, do not want it to hinder our capability to produce the next best piece of writing and elongate its publishing time.

The best of writers like Amr Muneer Dahab even go through writer’s block. However, they are able to successfully come out of it and publish remarkable essays and books. A Sudanese-Canadian poet, writer, essayist, author, and literary critic, Amr has spent twenty years as a columnist in opinion journalism and is also widely well known for his critical essays that tackle controversial topics on intellectual, literary, political, and cultural issues. H started his career as a freelancer and served at AADC for about 20 years where he worked as a Testing and Protection Engineer. He is also serving as an essayist at the Al Youm Al Tali Newspaper. He worked for different newspapers until 2017, before settling for Al Youm Al Tali. He has written several books depicting his controversial opinion on the political issues surrounding the Arab world.

Here are some ways you can beat the writer’s block.

Keep a journal with you where you update daily

You don’t have to write too much during this phase. It could be a paragraph that falls halfway into the page. You could write about anything on your mind. It does not have to be something too profound. It could be the smallest of things, and it could be terribly written as well. It will help jog your memory for more things to write on. Just try to take some time off when you are on the train or working and just write whatever you can.

Don’t sit around and wait for inspiration

A writer who is accomplished does not sit and wait for inspiration to strike. They make sure to write whether they feel the flow of words or not. The only way to get out of a creative pit is to write through it. You can set goals and challenge yourself to write a certain amount for a specific time limit. Stop as soon as your goal limit has been achieved, and then aim to go higher the next time.

Stop when you are filled with ideas

This might sound a little crazy at first, but it will work well. When you are writing, and you feel that you are brimming with ideas, take a break. Write down bullet points of all the things you want to write about and then continue on doing something other than writing. When you hit a writer’s block when you fall out of ideas, you will last longer in that pit as compared to when you have ideas left to write in.

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