Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer diagnosis in America. It is developed when certain types of skin cells grow and reproduce unregulated. Skin growths on the body can generally be broken down into being benign, meaning they don't spread or harm you, or malignant, meaning these tumors may spread locally or to distant sites of the body if not discovered and treated early. A history of UV (ultraviolet) light exposure from the sun is a common cause of skin cancer.

A variety of factors can cause skin cancer, but sun protection and regular skin checks with your dermatologist can help prevent this disease. Skin cancer is a problem that affects people all over the world. Nearly one in every five people develops skin cancer. If diagnosed and treated early, almost all skin cancers can be cured. Treatment options include excision, cryotherapy, Mohs surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Sun-exposed skin regions, such as your face, ears, arms, chest, hands, upper back, neck, and legs, are the most common sites for skin cancer. It can also appear beneath your fingernails, between your toes, on the palms of your hands, soles of your feet, and in your genital area, which are less sun-exposed and more hidden areas of skin. Because it can disrupt one's physical appearance and result in a lack of confidence and anxiety, the after-effects of skin cancer must also be taken into consideration. 

Skin cancer is usually treated with surgery, which mostly leaves permanent scars behind. Choosing a dermatologist specializing in skin cancer and plastic surgery repairs is essential. Among many outstanding dermatologists worldwide, some ruled this field with an iron fist. With their incredible research, experience, and high success rate, they have become the pioneer of modern dermatology. One such prestigious name is Dr. John Zade, MD, a board-certified dermatologist specializing in treating various skin diseases and is an expert in treating skin cancer. He graduated among the top of his class and with Alpha Omega Alpha honors—an award given to the country's top 10% of students.

Dr. Zade has co-authored publications in reputable journals and is the author of a medical patent. He provides the most precise and advanced way to treat skin cancer, which is called Mohs surgery. Mohs surgery is the most accurate form of skin cancer treatment, with a cure rate of up to 99 percent. Dr. Zade's profession includes treating people with skin cancer, and he enjoys it! It's terrifying to learn you've been diagnosed with skin cancer, especially when you'll have to undergo facial surgery to remove it. As a result, he performs Mohs surgery in his clinic, which removes all the cancer with the smallest scar possible. After removing cancer, he also does plastic surgery to cover any scarring as much as possible. Dr. Zade recognizes how stressful these situations can be, and his ability to walk his patients through these situations and provide sound advice is excellent. 

The reason people prefer dermatologists like Dr. John Zade is because of their ability to foresee all the possible options and guide his patients with the best advice. Dr. Zade is well known for discussing all the possible steps and outcomes with his patients. His treatment is beyond any expectations, and he tries to hide his scars so that they are not noticeable. To further help with scarring, Dr. Zade has hand formulated a new skincare product that contains 100% medical grade silicone. This is one of the only clinically proven products to help with scarring and is now under the ZadeMD Skincare line family

Dealing with any skin disease need caution, as any wrong procedure can leave you with a lifetime of regrets. When the stakes are so high, never settle for less. Always make sure to consult a professional and experienced dermatologist for any treatment. 

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