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There are several thousand natural remedies for better sleep and one of the latest discoveries by scientists is pointing to a new cause behind those sleepless nights. People will do almost anything to fall asleep and stay asleep longer since sleep is such an important part of remaining happy and healthy. There are even acupoints which you can press to reduce your anxiety and get you to sleep faster. However, the latest sleep remedy is something even simpler than all of that – a simple Vitamin D supplement could help you get the sleep you need.

Vitamin D is something many of us are lacking. It turns out, according to the latest research that a lack of Vitamin D can cause us to be unable to sleep. Researchers report an Iranian study where scientists found that the use of Vitaman D supplements improved the quality of sleep in the 44 subjects who were given Vitamin D compared to the placebo.

Having a Vitamin D deficiency can be a serious problem for your body. There are several diseases due to vitamin D deficiency. Everyone should pay attention to their Vitamin D levels because they can have such serious implications to your health. There are common signs of vitamin D deficiency that are major warning signs you should get on a supplement immediately. Ideally, you have a blood test to determine your level and dosage needed.

Nearly 50 percent of people don’t get enough Vitamin D. A study from 2015 of 3,000 men found that those men with Vitamin D deficiencies were also suffering from poor sleep. Is it possible that your sleepless nights are caused by a deficiency in Vitamin D? If you don’t want to take supplements there are a few good ways to get Vitamin D without having to take any pills. Exposure to the sun and Vitamin D fortified milk and orange juice can help with a slight Vitamin D deficiency. Most people require much higher levels than these foods can supply. I do recommend a liquid form for much better absorption. I prefer this one, myself…GREAT price and FREE shipping!

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