Your thoughts tell you a truth. They help you form your perception of reality. It is the secure feeling we get when we can justify our reality. But what is real is only real for you because your mind tells you it’s real. Even when you try to tell yourself that your thoughts are wrong, sometimes your thoughts convince you that they’re right.

Knowing that your real maybe not as real as you think, the challenge is to break the power that these thoughts hold and replace them with a better reality. You may find that your reality is stopping you from doing the things that others do with ease. Sometimes your reality can be paralyzing. Sometimes it can feel like a blanket is covering you.

This blanket is the mental block known as fear and doubt. Both fear and doubt work tirelessly to protect us from harm and shield us from the experience of failure. But they often rob us of our ambition, of our possibility of next, simply because we allow them too. It is true that many times we don’t recognize it. We don’t realize that we have been covered by this blanket. We go forth comfortably disabled by the thoughts that these “truths” - tell.

The truth that’s told is one of limit. Even when one is practicing an abundant life and reaching for impossible goals, there can be mental limits to what is possible. The mental struggle is in transforming these thought by introducing new perspectives of reality to your mind. These new perspectives can only be reached by experiencing something new.

Thinking thoughts that transform the truths that’s told means leaving the comfort zone of your daily life and venturing into the yet to be experienced. Each time that you introduce something new, be it a new way of doing something, new knowledge, new places, cultures and foods; anything that you are experiencing for the first time will begin the process of transforming thoughts. Questions will play in your mind as it struggles to fit the new experience in with the old truths it tells.

The most profound way of achieving this is to face the fear and doubt that is blocking and blanketing you. As you challenge that fear and doubt your perspective will also change, creating a new reality for you. It is hard for the mind to hold onto an old reality when a new experience contradicts the old belief.

This is the step that is hard to take. It is a direction that in itself creates fear. Know that the fear isn’t real. The scary picture that your mind paints is only in your head. Look at others who have already taken that step and survived. Are they very different from you? The answer is Yes! Because they took the step regardless of their perception of fear.

Those who take action live interesting lives, those who don’t, watch and read about those who live interesting lives. Thinking thoughts that transform the truths that’s told is what they were able to do to enable them to take that step. The possibility of next, your inner strength, your self-empowerment will only grow when you transform the truths that’s told.

Use this throughout your life, whenever you realize that you are too comfortable. Whenever your thoughts are limiting you. Whenever you feel you are no longer moving forward. Seek new experiences and transform the truths that’s told.

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