Art is freeing. Everyone has their own perspective on how they work on it, and there is no one way to go about it. But when you are new in the field, you might be confused as to how to go about it all. How can you be able to pour your thoughts and opinions onto the canvas and make sense, or is your art supposed to even be comprehensible?

When you really consider art as a career, you cannot just take it as you did when it was something you did in your free time. Art is now your living, literally, and so you will have to know of certain things beforehand than much later in life. A lot of artists out there are just learning what it's like to be an artist and thrive in a world where there are so many gifted people emerging from different corners of the globe.

Here are some things you need to be aware of when starting out into arts:

You will have a long way to go.

The journey ahead is pretty long, and this means that it takes a lifetime to be able to develop your craft. Anyone who tells you the opposite is lying. There will be many moments of frustration, but it is that sense of anger that you can put into creating something beautiful on the canvas. You will probably not get an immediate appreciation for the hard work that you put in, but take that as an opportunity to grow further. You will have to grow a thick skin and not let the comments that people will throw at you bite you. There will be moments of grand inspiration, but there will be days where ideas just would slide into your mind. Learn to take joy in the process itself.

There is no right or wrong approach.

People who are starting out as an artist usually think that there is a certain way of approaching art. When you look at all those before you and their work, you feel that they have certain techniques down pat that allows them to create the magic on the canvas that we are all so accustomed to seeing. But the truth is that art is all about doing things your way. When you understand this, you will realize that you are much more at ease when creating your work.

Being artist means that you can try out different careers too.

The world is all about being a multi-career person. You can be a lecturer and a businessperson like the ever-successful Frank Mann. The contemporary artist whose work has been displayed all over the six continents is also a lecturer. He has been a guest lecturer in Frank Mann Studio and so many other venues. Frank has even been able to contribute to catalogs of exhibitions, which include museum catalogs, and issues of Blast magazine. You are allowed to go for different careers that are an extension of your passion. You can do anything that will allow you to indulge into your love of art still further.


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