What is Diamond Painting Kit?

Diamond painting

is an enjoyable craft akin to painting by number except that in case of diamond painting crystals/diamonds or certain stones are used instead of paints. Unlike most art form, diamond painting is neither requires countless hours of practice nor a qualified instructor. You can get a good enough grip over it by barely watching a few online tutorials. Just as in painting with paints, an artist requires a set of tools like a paintbrush, a canvas, color paints, if you are into diamond painting, you would need specific equipment which is often termed as a kit. A usual kit includes canvas, a pen, tray, gel, and crystals.

Kit ingredients:


– your canvas is basically a surface where you tend to paint.


– it is basically a little plastic utensil, where you pour down your crystals/drills for easy picking with the pen.


– just like a human body is composed of numerous cells, a diamond painting is composed of copious crystals/diamonds bound together.


– A pen is used to pick, sort and drop the crystals on the canvas.


– it acts as an adhesive which makes sure the pen is able to pick the crystals and then sort them over the canvas so that they can cling over there.

Major things to know before investing in a kit


Basics about the tools

– before you go on and invest your hard-earned bucks into this, it is vitally important to get to know about the basics of the kit. You must be clear on things like what function does each of the tools performs? Are there different types ofdiamond painting tools available? How to use each of the tools? A little research will definitely help you out and would enable you to make the correct decision.


Available Kit Types

– there are a plethora of kit types available in the market and the kind of diamond painting kit you should purchase would depend upon your expertise and budget. For instance, if you’re an amateur, a basic kit would do for you but if you have advanced skills you may need a 5D kit. Also, there are multiple kit types like Partial drill kits in which the crystals will cover only a part of the canvas whereas, in Full Drill kits, the whole canvas would have to be covered with crystal drills by yourself. Novices are advised to use Partial kits and experts may use the full drill.


The types of Canvas

– like kit types, the canvas also comes along in variety of options. They differ in size. Though material barely matters but the size of your canvas is pretty serious a matter. The only major difference between the small and larger canvas is that the former can take lesser details as a finished product than later.


Types of painting crystals

– it is crucial to know that there are two major types of drills (painting crystals). The round and square one. You can choose either one of these depending on the way you want your diamond painting to look like. For example, square drills make your painting look like mosaic art whereas the round crystals look like cross-stitch and are more common. Although both have their own set of attributes and benefits square diamonds are more common than their counterparts.


Your purpose of investing

– many a people diamond painting as a pastime others as a source of catharsis whereas some may also do it to sell out their art. You must be clear on what is the very purpose you want to achieve out of this activity. In any case, if you are a beginner, you are always suggested to not invest way too much inexpensive items. Once you begin mastering the art, then you can buy lavish equipment.

The idea that you must know all these things before going to buy a diamond painting kit is important because of two reasons. Firstly because it will give you firsthand information about the craft itself and if you are a beginner that is going to help you loads. Secondly, imagine you bought a kit straight away and realized later on that it is not what you were looking out for.

In that case, you will be cursing yourself because there is hardly any second-hand market for equipment like this. So it is always advised for all beginners and experts to gather all the required information on the above-mentioned pointers to save yourself from the potential hustle.

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