Selling your Wholesale business is a very complicated decision but one has to be prepared for it. There can be various reasons for you to sell your wholesale business, some of the most common reasons can be your partners, who have lost interest and you want to exit before the business falls. Some of the other reasons can be illness or death of a partner, serious dispute with partner, you are getting bored, bankruptcy, you want to retire etc.

Planning the sale:
Intelligent wholesalers carefully plan out the decision of selling their business. They know the importance of selling business only after proper planning and consideration. Almost all private businesses are operated in a manner that minimizes the seller’s tax liability but this also minimizes the value of the business. So in order to sell wholesale business with good business value demonstrating the trackback of maximum profits, the wholesaler has to plan to sell business about 1 or 2 years in advance.

Whom to sell:
Wholesaler can sell his business to many bodies like he can sell to other businessmen such as distributors, Manufacturers and other wholesalers. Wholesaler can also sell his business to his partners, investors, shareholders and other public entities.

Determining the value of wholesale business:
Mainly, the value of wholesale business is determined by its sales, net worth, earnings and fair market value. However, it becomes very difficult to asses the value of a wholesale business if it is in intangible assets such as good will, company’s image, etc. Still there are some methods to evaluate the company’s value like adjusted book value, simple book value and liquidation value. Adjusted book value is considered to be the most useful balance sheet method to calculate all assets of a company.

Besides, the general condition of company, economic climate in the area, its fair market value in open marketplace, future profit potential, company’s goodwill value, market demand and recent profit history also play an important part in deciding the value of wholesale business. You, as a wholesaler, would also need to check each and every item of your inventory and list down all of them and estimate the gross value of them. Follow the same procedure while calculating the worth of furniture, electronics and other office equipment.

Preparing wholesale business for sale:
When you are done with wholesale business evaluation, it is time to prepare your business for sale. Potential buyers have some sort of predetermined questions to ask, all you have to do is to prepare satisfactory answers with proper documentation. Buyers can ask for the history of your business, how your business operates, description of facilities, from where you source wholesale products, in how much time your whole inventory is sold out, what is your business’s turnaround time, etc.

Finding Buyers & Negotiating:
To find buyers for your business, you will need to advertise your wholesale business through print media, online media, trade sources, business brokers, etc. Prepare a proper advertisement for your business as it will entice many potential buyers. Negotiation is an art and plays an extremely important role in the selling of wholesale business. The wholesaler will need to adopt various negotiating tactics. Many of the tactics are used in negotiating with manufacturers and retailers. When the negotiation is complete, immediately close the deal with proper legal documentation so that no other problem arises after that.

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William King is the director of Wholesale,>Manufacturers Distributors, and Wholesale Suppliers. He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping retailers and startups with their product sourcing, promotion, marketing and supply chain requirements.