Honolulu is the iconic Hawaiian landmark and capital city on the island of Oahu. Considered to be the vibrant, beating heart of Hawaii, Honolulu has an electric combination of diverse culture and effervescent nightlife with all the stunning facets of a tropical island getaway.

While still an island in America, the deep seated Polynesian cultural influences everywhere make this island the most delightful journey between past and present, resembling nothing of the modern day USA.

The dramatic Honolulu skyline has almost 500 skyscrapers dominating the horizon, in front of an elegant back drop of the sweeping volcanic cone of Diamond Head. Almost as iconic as Hawaii itself, Diamond Head is part of the intricate network that forms the Honolulu Volcanic Series, and is a United States National Monument.

Honolulu is an exciting and dynamic region of Hawaii. With an abundance of national and historical landmarks, secluded snorkeling spots, a vibrant retail and restaurant district, a quiet suburban region and a pulsating beach front beach resort area, there is something that will delight everyone.

One of the most exciting things to do in Oahu is to hike up the volcanic tuff of Diamond Head. The 2 hour hike, although not an arduous one, is a challenging one that takes intrepid hikers right up to the volcanic crater's edge. The basin of the crater is not open to the public, however, and belongs to the US government.

First time visitors to Oahu will love the diversity of the city of Honolulu. This is one city where visitors can party the night away and experience the magic of downtown Honolulu, before retreating to the secluded and picturesque region in and around the coastal area of Waikiki.

The Aloha Tower is one landmark that should not be missed when visiting Honolulu. Situated in downtown Honolulu in the harbour, the Aloha Tower is just a few minutes away from the glorious surroundings of Waikiki. Built in the 1920's, the Tower was originally a welcome beacon for visitors entering the port of Honolulu. These days, the area has been transformed into a lively and festive district, and is home to many great restaurants, boardwalk cafes, fine boutiques, live music showcases, and the perfect place Honolulu restaurants
to find that unique souvenir.

Just a hop, skip and a jump away from the exotic region of Chinatown- the best place to let your hair down and party the night away, the Aloha Tower marketplace is one of the fun and historic places to visit in Honolulu.

The trendy and arty district of Chinatown is without a doubt one of the most fascinating regions in Honolulu to explore. Great little shops, restaurants, herbalists, festive outdoor markets and cafes offering an authentic Polynesian experience like no other, are just some of the incredible facets of the lively region of Honolulu Chinatown. Explore the traditional temples, eat Cuban, French and Malaysian fare, right from the grill at the market, park off at a noodle bar on the sidewalk and experience some of the best dim sum in the world.

Honolulu is the cultural capital of Hawaii, as well as the economic and commercial hub. There are museums, galleries, theatres and cinemas to explore as well as the happenings of the city's streets. The Honolulu Academy of Arts houses a collection of Western and Asian Art and makes for an interesting visit.

Historic Honolulu, once known as the Crossroads of the Pacific, is delight to be explored on a walking tour or a guided bus ride.

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