Getting Pakistan Property on rent is not at all a difficult task. There are unlimited numbers of houses available on rent across Pakistan. Still there are some things that need consideration while looking for a house to rent. In Pakistan real estate sector, there are many individual landowners and real estate agents that are not of good character and would refer inadequate or disputed houses to renters. Those houses are not adequate for gentlemen as they will have to bear many problems later on. If some of the following things are kept in mind while getting house on rent, one can surly avoid getting into such a situation.

1. Before going out in the market, map out a simple plan according to which, you will search for a house. Then you have to set a limit on your pocket. Never take immediate decision, always give your selection a second thought.

2. Check all the areas of the cities, like in Lahore, you can survey Model Town, Cavalry Ground, DHA, Johar Town, Shadbagh, PIA society, etc. select the area that suits you most in terms of accessibility to your office, hospital, school etc. As different localities and conditions have their own consequences, so make your spending power flexible and adjust it according to the value of the house.

3. When you have selected the area then the next thing you need to do is contact some Pakistan Real Estate agent and hire him to find houses to rent for you. You can also look for houses in newspaper ads and contact the owners directly. With the help of internet, it has become quite easy to search Pakistan real estate, as there are many property portals online who offer excellent services.

4. Every area has different kind of localities, always search for a house with high end locality. Neighbourhoods are also very important thing, so choose a house with a friendly neighbourhood. Like it is said that having a good neighbour is the biggest blessing.

5. After checking all these things, consider the actual condition of the house. It is good to demand the map of the house from the owner to confirm that the house is reliable. Check the overall condition of the house. Give special attention to the sewerage systems, kitchens, bathrooms, cupboards etc.

6. If you find the house perfect and it suits all of your needs then sit down with the landlord for a bit of chitchat. Discuss various things and try to know the personality of the owner. If he is a gentleman then you can proceed without any stress but if you find that the owner is kind of corrupt, political activist or land mafia agent and will bother you later on then it is best to avoid that house.

7. Never take risk while renting, as mostly the houses are on 1 or 2 years contract and tenants can never bear nuisance for 1 or 2 years. If you leave the house before the end of contract, you lose your security deposit as it is in writing and bound by Lahore property, Islamabad property and Karachi property laws mainly.

8. In the end, clearly discuss all terms and conditions and get them on a stamp paper. Before signing the stamp paper or contract, read it carefully and clear any ambiguity, if any.

If all of these points are considered before getting a house on rent, then it is expected that you will successfully get a house with good owner on reasonable amount.

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William King is the director of Pakistan Property, Pakistan Property Agents, Lahore Property and Pakistan Real Estate. He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping retailers and startups with their product sourcing, promotion, marketing and supply chain requirements.