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Roller shutters are a cost-effective, attractive, and practical way to provide both insulation and security to commercial and residential buildings. A roller shutter is nothing but a system of interlocking slats that are aligned horizontally, forming a solid curtain over a window or a door. Let us look at some of the points you should consider while buying them.

Types of Roller Shutters and Installation Methods

There are mainly two types of shutters, one for domestic security, and another for garage doors. The first type of roller shutters is usually made using extruded aluminum and this has some key characteristics namely corrosion-resistance, water-resistance, and lightweight. It is durable and offers decent strength. Security shutters can also consist of insulated aluminum and these are used when there is a specific need to retain the heat within the house for a certain time.

The most common installation method is to face fix the shutters to the building's external facades. These shutters have been traditional form seen at the entrances or opening of the shops and the malls. It is not only providing security but also ease to open and close the shutters. Roller shutters for garage doors, on the other hand, are made from aluminum or electrified steel. You can find these doors in several sizes, as well as insulated and non-insulated variations. Such doors typically have thick curtain doors and enhanced lock strengths, thus discouraging intruders.

It is a space saver, so if you observe a garage in a limited space the opening is generally attached to the aluminum and steel shutters. Even the shops with minimum front spaces use shutters to increase the interior spaces of the room. A shield that can protect from not only the weather but also is strong protection from animals and thieves. The shutters cannot be broken easily as it is a metal made.

What Do You Need Them For?

You can install roller shutters not only over windows and doors but many kinds of openings. These are used mainly for securing the property, providing protection against fire, or acting as a visual barrier. When you know the exact reason for fitting the roller shutter and what type of opening it is being used for, it is easy to select the right type of shutter.

Visual barrier shutters are perfect for shop fronts, serveries, or a bar. In this scenario, you want to buy a product that is visually appealing and that is cheaper compared to other shutters that have advanced security features. It is a modern trend use but it will act as an interior separator, but you will have to put a solid shutter above the netted layer.

If you need to install shutters on fire escape routes or kitchen serveries, you should prioritize fire protection. You can consult your building control officer or a local fire officer to know if the shutter requires fire protection features. These types of shutters are more expensive and are often connected to alarm systems.

Types of Operation

You can find roughly two operation types for roller shutters and these are electric and manual. Manually operated shutters are less expensive but they might require some amount of strength to operate, so you should consider the physical abilities of the person operating the shutter. Alarm systems attached to the shutter for the extra security zones such as banks, ATMs, and locker zones, you will find the systems. Few offices also provide the facility for strong protections.

You feel to find several designs and styles for rolling shutters. Your choice would depend on the application, the person operating the shutter, and your budget.

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Habib Ahmed Mithu