Traction alopecia is a typical male pattern baldness condition caused by making repetitive and tight hairstyling. You may have seen that your hair begin to tumble off by making tight hairdos on a regular schedule. Such haircuts incorporate a lot of hair pulling which leads to extreme inconvenience until you untie your locks. High ponytails and buns make your hair weak and fall off especially from your hairline.

This type of hair loss can be reversed by changing the way you tie your hair. You need to avoid the mechanical damage of the hair caused by pulling during hairstyling or combing. If it is not controlled at the initial stages, the results can be worse. It is understood that the constant pulling can do severe hair damage so, it is better to practice the following tips in order to have an amazing and fuller hair look:

• Combing Gently

First of all, you need to change of hair brushing technique in order to prevent from over pulling. For this purpose, you should always use a wide pronged wooden comb. Plastic brushes or combs increase the friction between your hair strands which makes your hair look static. Secondly, make sure to start combing from ends to the roots. Make small sections of your hair and gently detangle the knits and knots. It is better to comb your hair twice a day for enhanced blood circulation.

• Using Harsh Chemicals

You are making tight high buns and braids which makes you look great. You apply hair styling products to make your haircut enduring. The hair styling and hair care products can cause severe damage to your locks due to the presence of harmful chemicals. It is suggested to use mild products like Toppik Shampoo for mild and effective cleansing.

• Change Your Hairstyle

Try not to make a similar hairdo consistently as it can make your hair tumble from particular scalp areas. Figure out how to make three to four hairdos on and off. This keeps your hair falling routine normal and you will watch a huge change in your appearance as well in your daily hair fall.

• Avoid Rubber or Plastic Bands

Plastic hair brushes increase the risk of pulling due to the increased friction. The materials like rubber and plastic are not appropriate for your hair as it requires a lot of pulling when you take them off. You can use wooden brushes for combing purpose instead.

• Take a Break from Your Daily Hair Styling

You should set your hair free once in a while for better results. Just comb your hair and don’t tie it. It is necessary for reducing the risk of hair damage.

• Conceal It

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