People are often uncertain regarding matters related to destiny. At various stages in one's life, one often wonders what is destiny, whether his life is under one's control, or whether it is one's destiny which governs his life.

While nearly 65% of our lives are governed by our destiny, around 35% of our lives are under our jurisdiction. However by making the right choices in our lives, we can alter the 65% of our lives which is governed by our destiny!

In this regard, our Karma also plays a very significant role. If we do well to others, good occurs to us. But if we do badly to others, we are required to reap the result of our deeds. There is no way of getting around the Law of Karma, which is infallible.

However with the aid of astrology and spirituality, we can even cleanse away the effect of negative Karmas from our previous birth and lead the life in the way it is meant to be, while we do well to others and reap the rewards of our deeds.

Is it possible for an individual to actually alter his destiny?

One might often wonder whether it is possible for him to bring about a change in his destiny. By itself, the destiny is cannot be altered, but by the choices that we make in our life, we can minimize the effect of the planets, so that the effect of the planets is reduced and so does the extent of the harm that we come across.

In terms of Vedic Astrology, let's consider a very simple example

If by the aid of Vedic Astrology, we come to realize that on a particular day, we are more vulnerable to meet with a road accident, the fate is unalterable as such. But by taking precaution, such as, by driving very safely, avoiding the highway and making sure that we are in a good state of health before we actually get to drive, we can make sure that we do not meet with a road accident.

So it is the choices that we make that play a huge role in governing whether or not we come across harm. If one makes sure that his car is in a good driving condition, by taking time out to keep it serviced at regular intervals, he would then make sure that the possibility of meeting with an accident is minimal at any given point of time.

The fate may then come across to us in the form of a minor injury at home, which we could heal more easily.

The same goes for extended phases in our life, wherein we know that a certain time phase in our life is not lucrative in any particular way. We might not be able to take away the negativity in entirety, but by the aid of spirituality and making sure that we go for requisite astrological remedies, we can minimize the harm that we are destined to go through for a phase in time.

It is these laws that govern our lives, and we need to make sure that we make the best of our lives!

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