In the process of international integration, the meeting and trade between countries and territories will become extensive, playing an important role in the development of the national economy. In this context of Law Coursework Writing Service, the demand for highly qualified personnel in the international business field is increasing. Because of that, international business is a major pursued by students and graduate students. Continuing the series of articles on the topic of master's thesis, Thesis 2S would like to send to readers the latest collection of international business theses that we selected and synthesized.

Overview of the international business industry

International business is a discipline that equips students with knowledge, skills and additional experience in international business. Include:

The background knowledge and specialized in business administration, international trade following the trend of globalization in the period of international economic integration through specialized subjects such as: International Business, International Finance, International investment, Negotiation in international business, Technical and professional foreign trade.

Provide specific knowledge and skills in Law Coursework Writing Service. Application in solving anti-dumping issues, disputes in international trade, international payments, foreign trade insurance, methods of entering foreign markets, skills in solving business and working situations group, negotiate.

Stick to content of specialized knowledge, professional skills in the curriculum. International business students can choose one of the topics for their essay such as:

  • Import and Export Process.
  • Analyze the current status / performance and solutions for international businesses / companies.
  • Risk management - crisis.
  • Import-export trading.
  • International Marketing: Marketing activities in international businesses / companies.

Thesis graduate thesis in international business in Law Coursework Writing Service

Issues related to liberalization of skilled labor movement within the ASEAN Economic Community.

Analyze the current situation and some solutions to complete the process of importing goods at Truong Viet Import Export Company Limited.

Several measures to prevent and limit risks in international payments in the form of credit.

Analyze the impact of exchange rate changes on import-export payment activities at Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam.

Strategy to boost export of agricultural products to the US market of Agrimexco.

Some solutions to improve business efficiency in import activities.

  • Analyzing the impact of a number of factors affecting the competitiveness of Thai Binh Footwear Company in terms of international integration.
  • Analysis of factors affecting the false declaration of commercial invoices in goods import and export activities.
  • International Business Thesis: Production and import-export of VIMEDIMEX Company - Current status and solutions.
  • Assessment of competitiveness of Saigon Beer - Alcohol - Beverage Joint Stock Corporation in terms of AFTA integration.
  • Vietnam's garment enterprises' export competitiveness to European markets in the current period. Current situation and solutions to improve competitiveness.
  • Solutions to improve the competitiveness of Ngo Quyen Shipbuilding Industry Company compared to foreign competitors in the domestic market of Vietnam.
  • List of international business master's thesis topics
  • Analysis of the effects of the ASEAN - Australia - New Zealand Free Trade Agreement on Vietnam's Trade Relations.
  • Developing international payment operations at Saigon Commercial Bank
  • Analyzing the commodity trade structure of Vietnam - Korea in the period 2020 - 2025. Problems and solutions.
  • Situation and some solutions to promote the development of commercial relationship between Vietnam and Japan.
  • Some solutions to improve export activities and improve the competitiveness of goods at Saigon Vegetable Company Limited.
  • Mechanism for international trade dispute resolution and improvement of the Vietnamese legal system in the integration process.
  • Analysis of direct effects of foreign investment activities on employment of Vietnamese workers.
  • International Business Thesis: Customs procedures for import-export goods by sea.
  • Analysis of the current status of automobile import and export activities in Vietnam after the impact of the ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement.
  • Solution to increase the added value for export products of Volex Vietnam Co., Ltd. in the process of international economic integration.
  • Current situation of export goods forwarding by sea at Import - Export Production Company (PROSIMEX) - Complete solution in the period 2020-2022.
  • Analyze the current situation and propose solutions to limit trade barriers in the import and export activities of Thang Long Handicraft Import and Export Company.

Hopefully this list of international business dissertations will be a useful resource to help you in the idea of your essay.

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