It doesn't matter what we do in life does it? Overcoming fears always seems to be part of it. You know, when you feel paralysed by the what if's...I would but...If only...I will when I...I just can't! And I don't mind admitting that I regularly go through this myself, facing things that make me feel uncomfortable, and so I am going to share some anxiety self-help ideas that I use in overcoming fears.

There is an in-built mechanism in us all that makes us move away from pain, and sometimes we will go to extraordinary lengths to do so, which makes overcoming fears very difficult, even when I know that for the most part it is my mind that constructs this pain and that the fear I feel is not real and is designed to prevent me from taking action.

So, my ego mind can say...'Hey I told you so!...I said you couldnt do it!' Even knowing this still doesnt make overcoming fear any easier.

For those who are parents, you may relate to the following - but we all probably experienced this when we were children. You remember that time as a little kid when you were scared to do something:

It might have been going to big school on the first day, it might have been performing in the school play, or entering a competition and you remember how your mother comforted you, telling you it will be alright and to be brave, because once you are there it will all feel ok. Can you recall how you felt better...somehow re-assured....even though you still had to do it?

And you remember once you were doing it, that it was ok and then you did it again the next time, and again until it actually became easy and enjoyable and you forgot all about you overcoming fears.

Well, when we grow up into adults, we have to find that same courage when we face our challenges when we face our own fears.....and we may not have our parents to comfort us, but we have friends...loved ones or even our mentors...coaches...our boss...or even the inspiration we can get from a book or an article..a piece of music or the words from a song.

Here are some Anxiety Self-Help Techniques I use in overcoming fears:

Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis.

This is a great one actually, because it is very fast. If you can afford it, I recommend going to a hypnotherapist, but if you can't, you can use self-hypnosis which is also quite effective . There is plenty of information available on the internet about self-hypnosis.

Admitting your fears

This can be tough, especially for men who often feel as though they should not be afraid of anything. But sometimes, just the sheer relief in admitting your fears is enough to overcome it, or at least to find the courage to face it.


This is similar to hypnosis where you visualize yourself overcoming fear. It is very effective when you do this to some music that really gets you motivated.


Writing out affirmations to the effect that you have overcome a fear, can be very effective if done on a consistent basis. The trick with this is to write them in a way that suggests you have already overcome fear and not that you are going to overcome fear.

Life is about facing challenges and overcoming fears because what lies on the other side is worth it.....and if you won't face the challenge of doing something that might make you feel uncomfortable, you may need to ask badly do I want this?

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