A strong immune system is essential to stay healthy. Your immune system protects the health of your body. You may have a weak immune system and are therefore more susceptible to illness. Then it is important that you strengthen your immune system!

However, strengthening your immune system is easier said than done. For this it is important that you make various changes in your diet and lifestyle. But what should you do to strengthen your immune system naturally? I will explain that to you in this article!

1 - Eat more plant-based foods
Natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes are rich in important nutrients and antioxidants. These nutrients can strengthen your immune system and protect against harmful pathogens. The antioxidants in these foods fight unstable compounds in your body, also called free radicals. In addition, the fibers in plant-based foods ensure that the healthy bacteria in your intestines remain in order.

Finally, fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, which is also a very powerful antioxidant. One of the most important benefits of vitamin C is that it is good for resistance.

2 - Get enough sleep
Sleep and immunity are closely linked. Too little sleep and poor quality sleep are associated with a decrease in your immunity. Sufficient rest ensures that your immune system strengthens. Adults should aim for 7 or more hours of sleep per night. Teenagers need 8 to 10 hours of sleep and younger children need up to 14 hours of sleep per night.

3 - Eat more fermented foods
Fermented foods are rich in good bacteria. These bacteria can already be found in your intestines and are also called pro-biotics. Examples of fermented foods include yogurt. If you don't like fermented foods, there is also options of taking immune booster probiotic supplements. These can also strengthen your immune system by identifying and tackling threats to your body.

4 - Get enough exercise
Do you want to do more exercise? That doesn't have to be very complicated. You can easily exercise more without fitness equipment or training for hours. All you have to do is your normal daily exercise; can help strengthen your immune system. However, vigorous, prolonged exercise can have the opposite effect. So stick to light to moderate exertion.

5 - Ensure as little stress as possible
Stress is very bad for your immune system. To strengthen your immune system, it is very important to relieve your stress as much as possible. Long-term stress in particular has a major impact on your immunity.

The benefits of meditation are now known to many people: it is the method to lower your stress levels and distance yourself from thoughts and emotions. It helps you to become better grounded and centered. Do mindfulness exercises or start with yoga.

6 - Drink enough water
It is generally very important to stay well hydrated. Dehydration can cause a number of complaints. This deteriorates your physical performance, focus and mood. Hydration also affects your digestion, heart function and kidney function.

All these complications lead to a deteriorated immune system. To strengthen your immune system, it is therefore important that you stay hydrated. Water is best suited for this because it does not contain calories like soft drinks with added sugars.

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Misty Jhones