Investing in yourself to become more competent or to reach a higher skill level seems to be the rage these days. People are hitting the gyms and doing varied forms of exercise and classes aimed at streamlining their bodies, going on special diets to improve their inner health and insure longevity.Many people are reading self help and self improvement books to become more esteemed and empowered.So why don’t we put that much effort into our workplace, yes there are a few who take classes at night to advance at work and some companies do offer courses from outside sources but most do not.
There are three key things that you or your company to vastly improve workplace productivity.

One – Public Speaking or Presentation Skills Workshops – More and more employees not just management are tasked to make presentations and most people do not like to speak in front of people mainly because that was never taught how to overcome the fear that people anticipate. Public speaking workshops can help people overcome public speaking anxiety and teach them how to present a topic in an organized convincing manner successfully. The more successful presenters a company has the better the communication flow of information up and down the chain hence a more productive workplace.

Two – Team Building – Most companies’ departments either gets stale and form silos or has gone through so many personnel changes that they have just lost their cohesiveness. Good team building exercises to team building games can foster or reestablish cooperation and communication skills which if are not up to par will bring down production. There are team building exercises that will last a few hours and will help with listening skills, partnering skills, teamwork skills and much more. You will need to find team building companies that can provide a true team building exercise with the components that were aforementioned and they will have a certain element of fun to them. This will have a profound effect on workplace productivity.

Three – Time Management - Very under rated but very important for efficiency and success. Most people have a mental to do list weather for home goals or work goals to accomplish weekly. They have all their listed things to accomplish in their mind on Sunday night or Monday morning then at the end of the week less than fifty percent has been done. This is because most people won’t adhere to a system of time management or get sidetracked by many things to interrupt or suck away their time. Time Management will help you discipline your time by setting priorities which most people misalign or juggle around or misjudge. Time management will teach you how to properly manage your emails, phone calls and teach you how to say “no” to co workers of situations that prevent or suck your precious time. You will be able to get back at least another 25 percent immediately after a good time management session.
So by strengthen your presentation skills , employing strong team building and using time management disciplines you will be exceptionally successful as an employee or as well as a well honed team and most importantly improve workplace productivity.

Author's Bio: 

Steven Stasczak is a motivational speaker who facilitates professional speaking training and team building events/workshops. He spent his earlier career as a top business to business sales manager before beginning coaching and training around the U.S. professionally. His areas of expertise includes developing effective public speaking workshops and helping individuals overcome fear of public speaking. He also performs and facilitates leadership training , time management workshops and fun team building activities to align your team in the workplace