The Un-Hypnotist – An Introduction to Freedom

Face it. It’s an un-free, unfair, cruel and dysfunctional world. And the only reason you put up with it and have not found freedom (for those of you who have not found freedom) is because you are hypnotized. Early on, you were socially coerced into the social order. Sit in your seat. Raise your hand. Ask permission. Make a wrong move and you will pay the consequence. We’ll punish you with a stick and if that doesn’t keep you in line – we have an endless supply of handcuffs and we’re willing to build bigger and bigger and more badass prisons. And we’ll even legislatively kill you if you get too far out of line. It’s the law! Stay in line, keep quiet, pay your taxes or we will hunt you down like a dog, steal the-rest-of-your-life lunch money and lock you up for the good of society. But other than that and a few thousand other simple rules you must follow, relax and enjoy life. You live in a free democratic society.

Honestly, there’s no ruling class here. Would the government lie to you? Come on. They’re elected officials. Elected - to represent the people. Remember the fight over, “No taxation without representation!” So, how do you like the tax structure – with representation? And what does that representation cost you? Excuse me, could you step back, the senator’s limousine is pulling up. Hail to the chief! Wait. Isn’t the president elected to “serve”? What chief?

But it’s not only the government. Well, yes it is. Because all the ugly social coercion evolves from warped survival skills developed to stay out of trouble and escape the government’s legislated wrath that trickles down to the schools, the police, your taxed home, car, food, clothing, shelter and any and all property you “own”, your hunting and fishing licenses, your business or employer taxes and reports and more reports, and the fear that you’ll be reported for jaywalking or something – to just skim the regulatory surface of your ‘free’ life. Big brother isn’t just watching. He’s sleeping with you and running you into billions of dollars of debt.

Oh, I forgot. You’re fine with things the way they are. Let’s not rock the boat. That would make waves. If we didn’t have all this government control, why there would be lawless barbarians running things! And so, in order to feel safe, you’re happy being placid and flaccid. You’re getting very sleepy. Very sleepy, America.

So, what can you do? Nothing, right? Wrong. You can WAKE UP. But how, you ask. And what does that mean, anyway?

In preparation, let’s go back to the social coercion premise. As we were slapped out of our blithe spirit and lightness of being that we enjoy as a child and were socialized, we fell into a hypnotic state. It was the only way we could cope. We became worker bees, shut off the bright lights of our frontal lobes and crept back to our reptilian brain function (note to science fundamentalists: simply making a point here without concern for physiological precision.) To stay with the bugs and beasts as human beings metaphor – we joined the rat race. Some even became head rats. But Thoreau’s words of lives of quiet desperation still resonate deeply for most.

Admit it! In spite of all the successes in your life, the good times and the great times, what drifts into your consciousness over and over is that your life is a farce, a persona, a phony bravado that you present to the world, when underneath in the depth of your being, you often feel lost, alone, afraid and unfulfilled. It shows in your over-taxed syntax, your hair-trigger temper, your over-grin, your studied firm handshake, your laugh, your sprayed hair, your tax return, and your neighborly-correct, “It’s a great party and we’re having a wonderful time,” charade.

Or if you’re hiding under a pile of leaves, not willing to face any of this, or so hypnotized that your entrained mind cannot or will not entertain any of this – shut me off, crumble me up and toss me in the floor hoop. See you later. Or never.

If you’ve stayed tuned, the un-hypnotist is waiting for you.

To energize that part of us that has been collecting unemployment checks and living in the shadow of a dim nightlight for many years, we need to switch on the bright lights of the brain, again. Oddly enough, as part of the process we will call upon a cousin of hypnosis known as meditation.

In the induction of the socially coerced hypnosis, we were taught to rely pretty much exclusively on the rational, analytical processes of the brain. The more we entertained the ‘thinking’ process, the more it strutted its amazing stuff. And the more it showed off, the more gold stars, A’s, 100’s, and smart comments we got. Soon, we accepted the thinking process as the most valuable tool in our functioning arsenal – at least until puberty, when we made room for…well, that’s another story for another time.

As our ego grew, and our identity with it, as it, became cemented, we slipped into the prideful trance and forgot our childlike lightness of being, for the most part. We became competitive for class standing, winning the race, a place on the starting team or room on the bench, the girl or guy we found cute, and the last pancake.

Those early years of staring at the clouds, the stars, the mountain, the vastness of the ocean and wondering what life was all about and where we came from and where we were going – if anywhere, gave way to the daily grind and homework, housework, and eventually work. Most people, it seems, are able to push down the old questions that rear their head, and press on in their hypnotic state.

Others feel the early questions niggling against an unexplored or dimly lit part of the brain, creating an intuitive stirring that just won’t go away, and they come to a crossroad in their lives. A good portion of those are squeezed into a box known as religious or philosophical ‘beliefs” and superstitions that scare them into submission once again.

An even more rare few find the box uncomfortable after a while, and they explore, go on a journey, a quest, become an aspirant, a seeker – still looking to appease the intuitive stirring that has them wondering if just maybe there isn’t something more to life that they have missed along the way, or maybe forgotten along the way, or maybe had been socially coerced into abandoning as conscious awareness.

Unfortunately, there are wolves in sheep’s clothing and snake oil salespeople, pretenders, who claim to have ‘the answers’ or “the answer”. Some of them are uniformed and some are not. Some have collars and polished pretensions and a grain of truth like the worm in the tequila. These well-meaners offer a much more attractive box and a cleverly disguised mask to present as a pious public persona - but it all comes in a pre-packaged box nevertheless. And more are lost to an “exclusive club” cult mentality, many of which are within the sanctuaries of mainstream religion. Mainstream is often main-squeezed. The life of the founder and awakened teachers, in whose names these religions have been organized, has been squeezed out of the original authentic teachings and are based on lifeless creeds and dogma.

And so we come to the remnants, the rarest of the rare – in number, at least up to this time in human history. By grace, they have awakened and come out of the social hypnosis – either by some fortuitous event, or they have found a present-day awakened teacher who assisted them in becoming un-hypnotized, or they are still searching, or in the waiting room of an un-hypnotist.

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Jeff Belyea

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Jeff is an artist and writer with a PhD in Communications and Certification as a Business and Personal Coach, Hypnotherapist and Master Meditation Teacher. He is widely acknowledged as an awakened teacher of present day enlightment.