Whether you are a newbie or have had a home based franchise for years. Whether you are direct marketing or marketing in Corporate America, it’s these three mistakes that cost people their top producer status and big income in their home based franchise time and time again.

I have been in sales and in marketing for over 15 years and was a sales trainer for a good portion of those years, and here is what I saw:

1. Most people underestimate the number of people that they need to talk to on a daily basis. Now, I am not going to tell you how many people you have to speak with or have contact with on a daily basis. Every industry is different. What I will tell you is that the top producers are talking to at least several hundreds of new prospects consistently week in and week out.

Are the top producers physically talking to this many people? Some of them may actually be, if that is their main mode of marketing. Others are communicating by effective autoresponders that they have set up after the leads are brought in by various forms of online marketing. And still others do a combination of the two.

But whatever your method of communicating with your prospects and leads are within your home based franchise…if you think that you have done enough by the end of the day...then do 5% more.

When I was an outside sales rep, most of the time the company suggested at least 15 sales calls a day. What I would do is add another 5% to that average or an additional 2 calls every day. You see the average person doesn’t make that many calls and the top 5% of income earners make at least the 5% additional calls…that is why they are in the 5% of income earners. Which side of the fence do you want to be sitting?

2. Most people do not take immediate action. They get ready, to get ready to get ready. Does this sound like you? I am constantly amazed at the amount of people who do little to no revenue generating activity for their home based franchise in any given day, yet expect the big payouts that top producers of any given company receive. Why is that?

If you are brand new, I will give you a bit of latitude on this point…but not much. A day or two, week at most for getting your back office set up and getting some initial training under your belt and then away you should be going.

You need to choose which marketing platforms you are going to be utilizing and you need to start to market. The only way you will ever make money in any sales and direct marketing company is to actually market. Without marketing you will not get leads and without leads you will not get sales. I cannot make it any simpler than that. So go out and start to write an article, write a blog, produce a video or start your pay per click campaign. The list of ways to market your home based franchise on the internet or off is unlimited, but until you do something you are severely limited by the money that you will earn.

Are you going to be perfect? Probably not. Will you make mistakes? Probably so. Will there be a learning curve to some degree, if you are new, most definitely. Get over it and get to work. Learn from your mistakes, learn from you mentor; learn from leaders in the industry, learn from the marketing system that you hopefully have with your home based franchise.

One final point on learning and education; education is a must but please don’t make the mistake that I see so many people make by taking course after course after course and never get into the actual game. I had a team member call me last week who was doing exactly this and I said “nothing for nothing, and I think that it is great that you want to learn a new method of marketing, but until you are actually marketing and physically taking action … you will not earn a dime in this industry.” People fail in the home based franchise industry because they fail to take action.

3. Most people try to sell their prospects. I call this the marketing or selling puke. It really is not your job to convince/sell your prospects on anything. If you are partnered with the correct marketing company, there will be plenty of sites for your prospect to be sold on your product or service.

It is your job, however, to find out their reasons or their why’s on why they are coming to your website or landing page. The only way to do this is by asking them questions, getting to know your prospects. Once you know their pain and what they are hoping to gain by partnering with you, your product and your service and your home based franchise...then you can lead them to the solutions and to the values that you have to offer, which should be spelled out in front of them.

Remember that not everyone is going to partner with your product and/or your opportunity. In fact only about 3-5% will, which is why Number 1 above is so critical. Do not get attached to any one prospect. If your opportunity is correct for them at the time..they will partner with you, provided you have asked the questions, shown your value and let your system do the selling.

Learn from these top three mistakes and you will be way ahead of the direct marketing game and on your way to being a top producer in your home based franchise. Go, take massive action and then 5% more, take action immediately and don’t do the product dump!! Good luck, have fun and I’ll see you at the top.

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Jen Gilbert is the CEO of JBS Communications, LLC; a company devoted to empowering entrepreneurs around the world with marketing, sales and mindset tools to live the freedom based lives of their dreams.

While best known for her sales/marketing success and expertise, her team shares that her greatest impact is her straight-forward and unique dedication to mentoring, coaching and leadership.

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