"Nothing makes us so lonely as our secrets. ~ Paul Tournier ~
Paul Tournier is arguably the world’s most spiritual physician. A Swiss doctor, his practise has impacted people world wide.
If a renowned person like Dr. Tournier appreciates the power of secrets; the huge negative impact they have on out life, why do we so often insist on keeping secrets.
The secret about secrets is that they can destroy your happiness and peace of mind. An amusing thing about secrets; often all around you know what you think is the best kept secret in town. The only one who thinks it is a secret is you!
Case in point.
A person I have worked with for a long time is a well known Doctor who had a thriving speciality practise in a close knit, but sizable community. His secret- he drank to excess. When he approached me for help with his secret drinking life, he swore me to secrecy.
We’re out for lunch one day and another Doctor I knew happened to be there. The two docs did not know each other. Doctor number two comes up, says Hi and asks if he can speak to me privately. We do that. Doc2 asks me if I know I’m having lunch with the biggest drunk in town. I smile and do not confirm but return to lunch with Doc1. I tell him what has just transpired and he is floored! He came to learn that his secret was the worst kept secret in town.
I must admit, pre life recovery I had a few of those secrets, and while I knew a ton of people, I was constantly lonely.
I have come to learn over the past decade and a half that keeping MY secrets was really about keeping them from me. No surprise, there were some realities of life I was in denial about and in trying to be secretive, I helped create a self -fulfilling prophecy- I was as sick as my secrets and as Tournier points out- my secrets kept me lonely.
Part of getting my life back was getting my secrets outside of me including on paper. Next was accepting them as truth. Then came finding someone I trusted and sharing those secrets. As was the case of my Doc1 friend, as the secrets came out into the open, I found out several were only a secret to me. Getting them out in the open allowed me to move forward towards the life I was meant to live.
So there you have it. The secret about secrets.
Got some that are driving a wedge into your life? Go get the help you need to unburden yourself and get ready to make a positive move forward!

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