There is so much about you and your life so far that is hidden deep within you. Either through choice or subconciously. Like a cancer it eats away at you at the surface and on the outside creates a life that is not of your choosing. Most people keep it hidden afraid to let the cancer surface for people to see it's ugliness. The funny thing is, is that it does come out and people do witness it's ugliness in unhealthy destructive ways.

What we all need to do is let out all our fears, grieveances, troubles, pains, disturbances the minute they occur. But who is going to hang around long enough to listen to all that. I mean we do want to have some friends right? The fact is though you can't keep all this within you, you must let it out and be put to rest. So how can we do this without laying on someone's couch each week draining our wallets.

The solution is very simple. Write about it. Keep a journal and write about everything that is buried within you. You'll be amazed at how life clears up for you and how much clarity you will receive about what it is you need to do, to solve problems and improve your life. All your issues and baggage will be cleared and emptied immediately and you do not have to carry it around with you for years, dragging you down and preventing you from living a complete and happy life.

What's so great about it is that you can write everything down. You don't have to hold back for fear of losing a friend, or being instituionalized, igonored, misunderstood or overanalyzed. You can just tell it like it is in all it's ugliness. There is someone there to silently listen to the unbearing of all your burdens.

Your task for this week is to buy yourself a journal. Make it one that you would feel pleased in writing in- a hard cover with a beautiful design that speaks to your soul. This will become your best-friend, therapist and companion.

Begin writing in it daily. Start to pay attention to your feelings. When you notice any feelings that surface of any nature, write about. Don't pay any attention to constructing proper sentences or including fancy words; no one is going to read this. Just write from your soul and don't hold anything back. Just let it all pour out without thought. As William Wordsorth says "Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart." This is your purest chance you have to just unload. You'll be suprised about what you discover.

Somewhere amongst this outpouring of intense emotions a lesson will surface. It will be an enlightened discovery of some sort of a limiting belief you may have; or a explanation of why you have behaved in certain ways; or what it is you need to do next to help you.

It can be an exhausting and emotional process but after it you will feel cleansed and refreshed. Journalling is such a powerful way to grow into the person you came here to be. It is a powerful way to release all that has been stored inside of you for years; pushed down in fear of coming out.Everything that has happened in your life both good and bad has a lesson stored in it to be learned. Unless you face this and process it, it will stay in you like a cancer, coming out in disfunctional ways instead.

Better out than in as we always say......

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Caroline Makepeace is an entrepreneur and home business owner. She has traveled extensively throughout the world. Her travels have expanded across 33 countries. She has also lived in Dublin, London, Bangkok, Raleigh, NC and of course her home country Australia.

Caroline is passionate about living life fully and making the most of every moment. Her experiences traveling have provided her with a wealth of knowledge and a deep insight into human interactions and the perfection and magic of this great planet. Caroline strives to assist others to develop the right mindset, strategies and techniques to help them to live their best life and to enjoy the abundant wealth and happiness that this planet offers.

Caroline writes a blog offering advice, comments and strategies on these things which can be found at

She also assists many people to start their own home business and work towards their goals of financial and time freedom. If you would like to know more you can visit

Caroline is married to Craig and they have a beautiful 2 year old daughter named Kalyra, who is their greatest spiritual teacher. Kalyra's name is an Australian Aboriginal name which means 'wild and pleasant' This perfectly fits in with the Makepeace approach and belief about life that it is indeed something that is wild (free) and pleasant!