No, I’m not an adoptee myself. But I am the owner of the Finding in Florida reunion registry, as well as the Finding in Florida Mailing List, which is about 350 strong. I’ve worked with adoptees and birth families for 16 years. I’ve also facilitated 2 different adoption search and support groups in my local area. I’ve dealt with LOTS of adoptees over the years.

The most common pain I’ve found with adoptees is the pain of abandonment. Even if logically you know that you weren’t actually abandoned, that doesn’t seem to stop adoptees from feeling that way. Over the last 16 years I’ve worked with many adoptees who felt a lot of pain because some part of them believed that their birthmother didn’t love them enough to keep them. The belief doesn’t have to be logical. It doesn’t have to make sense. It just has to BE there to cause emotional pain.

Another common kind of pain for adoptees is that of not feeling that they fit in and are truly a part of their adoptive family. This is especially true if the adoptive parents have biological children along with adopted children. Again, this doesn’t have to be logical. Some adoptees, despite being loved and well cared for, grow up feeling that they are outsiders. Feeling that you never really fit in with your family can be a source of great pain.

If you are dealing with this kind of pain, EFT can bring you tremendous relief. EFT can give you peace of mind, and allow you to comfortable with your situation and your life.

Not everyone is ready or willing to book sessions with a practitioner to deal with their issues, but EFT is so easy to learn and to use that many people can find relief on their own. In 5 minutes you can be tapping yourself, and discovering the power of EFT.

Please consider giving EFT a try. You won’t be sorry you did, and once you’ve mastered EFT, you’ll find it useful in all kinds of ways. EFT can be used for stress, anxiety, anger, headaches, and many other things.

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