Brief Thought

What sells the most in the world
apart from your knowledge,
is something very simple and pretty,
which is not difficult to offer.
It will give you great satisfaction.
Do you know what it is ?
Your Smile.



What is the reason, that we include a topic that may seem, completely
Because, life is also, very materialistic but its foundations and
principles are primarily, ethic and just.

The negotiator, is not a merchant of the temple, because the things of
the spirit, transcend any material value and cannot be bought. But, the
negotiation, is seen here, from a superior aspect and it gives the
correct form of the definition of good and the necessary element, which
is found in the reciprocity, of giving and receiving.

Life would be very different, if we would give what is fair, in order
to receive, what is fair. While differentiating, the things which are
properly of the spirit, and only belong to the spirit and to purity.

Man, must always have an ethical way of living. This is the reason,
that we have dedicated the effort, and the interest, in the development
of this section.

The negotiation, is an art, because requires of dedication, effort,
attention, concentration and discipline. But, mainly requires of
inspiration, which belongs to the inner world.

To negotiate is the capacity -always illuminated,of achieving, the
desired success and is necessary to say, that there are two
possibilities only:

To lose control, which is the worse scenario. And to gain control.

To negotiate, is to have control. To have control, is to be a leader.
This does not mean to subdue. This means, to be able to reveal the
maximum glory, of every form of communication and mutual satisfaction.

The negotiator, must be pure, because the negotiated object is always
intangible. The true negotiation is, to accept what we point to, as
correct, good, satisfactory, complacent, necessary, useful, dominant,
inevitably unique, real and beneficial.
The negotiation, does not know any limits, does not have fear, because
the negotiation is not an accident or coincidence.

It is the science, which is superior, to any method, because the
negotiator is the person, who finally negotiates, the fact of been
original, spontaneous, genuine and true.
The negotiation, does not contemplate defeat, loss or abandonment since
the negotiation adapts, and does not subdue to any condition, neither
waits for the right moment, or becomes desperate, in the worst moment.

The negotiation, makes the right moment, of every moment. The end
result, of the negotiation is not a sale, as its only objective. To
negotiate, is much more than this, much more, of what we could have
conceived, in the first analysis.

To negotiate, is to influence directly the sense, the perception, and
the knowledge, since what is truly negotiated, is the supremacy of the
will, control, government, execution, function, direction, and defined
objective. These are, some of the parameters, that are contemplated, in
the Art of Negotiation.

We can compare the negotiation, with the necessary precision, where the
arrow is aimed, and thrown at the objective, which is the center of

There is no tolerance, neither distance than the precise.
The negotiation is, the group of norms and functions, of the reason, of
the experience and of the conscience, that as one mathematical reason,
does not admit other, than the specific and desired result.

The ability of negotiation initiates, in the serenity of the mind, and
in the capacity of knowing the ulterior mystic perception, of the eye
of the conscience.
The mind, is not only one experience. It is also, and mainly, an
integral image, a unique global concept.

By example, the concept of been ourselves. Our first negotiation is,
our own identity and the result is, that certainty, confidence, self
control and the inner harmony are achieved.



To negotiate is to flow.
To negotiate is not, to reach your territory, or my territory. It is to
reach, the territory.

To sell, is to share.
To negotiate is not to yield, or to influence others, to yield. It
rather is, to excel and for both parts, to coincide.

The right attitude.
It is the one of success in the effort, in the dedication, but it
never is a boastful attitude, since this would become defeat.

It happens, when we have lost attention, when we have forgotten
decency, and we have not understood its benefits.

The greatest negotiation.
It is with ourselves. To be able to negotiate, I have to be sustained
by the inner serenity. Then, if there is a mountain, as high as the
firmament, in front of me, or a lion ready to kill, or a snake rolled
up in my neck, I will not have any doubts, about what to do, since I am
already doing, what I have to do. I am already winning. I will
meditate, I will act, I will win.

When is the negotiation lost?
When the consistency is lost. When we change, because of fear and

When is the decision good?
When I believe in it. But, if I make a mistake, then, I can learn from
it, and know that I have to get ready, to be alert, to get the
necessary training.

What does the negotiator do?
The negotiator observes, more than what is evident. The negotiator
always discovers, open windows, in closed doors.

A good negotiator.
Some persons think, that a good negotiator has to be ambitious,
this may work, in very basic negotiations. Later on, the ambition may
turn into, the objective of life, losing values, principles and
reasons. The true negotiation, is not based in ambition, because it is
not, a false buy and sell. transaction, that has a hidden objective.

The negotiation believes in success, in excellence, but does not see
them, as ambition, but as the excellence, not of only one part, but of
all the parts. Therefore, the negotiation is always based on, a shared
good. Then, the negotiation is, the street of two ways, where service
circulates, as the sensible mystic art, of giving and receiving, a
mutual equilibrium. Although heaven and earth, may seem distant, they
conform the belly, the uterus, where life germinates, grows and

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Master Oscar Basurto Carbonell is a well known Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Healer, International Lecturer. Poet and author of innumerable writings related to Self Knowledge, Healing, Art for Good Health, Meditation and Spiritual Science are some of his topics.

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He is also an accomplished artist with great knowledge of the Ancient Science of Techniques and Designs, of the Sacred Geometry, of the Ancient Symbols and of Healing Energy.

His Mystic Healing Art captures the tenderness and texture of the cosmic energy which is the essential energy of life, better known in the East with the names of Chi, Qi and Ki.

It incorporates the necessary elements that act as intermediary in the order between man and the universe, because this Art grasps, interprets and gives expression to the essential rhythm of the vital synergy of color and elements that represent them, who work as a source of prosperity and constant benefit. The goal of each Art Work is to outline the ideal bridge between the infinite universal cosmos, man and his real concrete world.

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