Here is a daily meditation to play with…

I haven't ever heard anyone complain about the fact that their body feels, or their ears hear, or their nose smells or their eyes see. To put it another way, we don't usually complain or attempt to fix our senses when they are doing what they were designed to do.

The job of our mind is to think. At times it thinks a little, at other times it thinks a lot. Some of the thoughts it has are enjoyable, and others seem to be less so. But whatever kind of thoughts it contains, the mind is just doing its job.

So here is a question (alright, perhaps more than just one question):

What might happen if you treated the mind and its thinking similarly to how you treat your nose and smelling?

What might change if you were *certain*, all the time, that no matter what your mind was up to, that it was doing its job exactly as it should?

What would happen if you no longer thought about complaining about your mind regardless of what it was thinking or what state it was in… just like you don't get upset with your nose for smelling something pleasant or unpleasant?

Finally, if you saw your mind that way, what might change in your relationship to your thinking… and to meditation?

Let me know what you discover!

Author's Bio: 

Steven Sashen began meditation when he was eight years old, was one of the first biofeedback pioneers, and researched cognition and perception at Duke University. In addition to a successful career as an entrepreneur and entertainer, Steven has taught transformational techniques around the world and developed the Instant Advanced Meditation Course, which Dr. Gay Hendricks calls, "Perhaps the fastest and easiest way to relax, expand awareness, and find deep inner-peace."

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