The law of attraction. The greatest law in this universe (gravity is pretty good too). You can have anything you want. You can do anything you want. You can be happy all the time. Why the heck doesn’t it work for everyone? What’s the missing piece?

It all boils down to the secret. This is what introduced the general public to the secret law of attraction. It’s safe to say that the secret was missing some information. This is obvious by the lack of results. In fact, you could say that the secret even “dare I say” made things worse.

"Law of Attraction” in the film “The Secret” is materialism. This is so wrong, that it makes me mad. “Get the new car, the house, the money that you need”.

The fact that you don’t have those things is NOT THE PROBLEM. Do you understand that? Read that CAREFULLY 100 million times.

The human being that wants more is lacking harmony with their inner being. Read that CAREFULLY another 100 million times.

This is the most fundamental concept that people are confusing. Harmony with your inner being feels incredible. It’s like a fairy tale. Here’s the good news: that’s where materialism begins to kick in. There’s no better feeling in the world then material manifestation as a result of inner harmony. This is the core essence of the law of attraction.

Another huge myth about the law of attraction is you have to “wait” to get what you want. People are too “impatient”. Your human craving is for vibrational harmony with your inner being. Achieve vibrational harmony, and the waiting is OVER. As a matter of fact, there are so many articles online telling you to “wait for what you want”. This is extremely misleading.

This brings up the topic of “law of attraction” mindset. Your mind has to be way too busy working STRICTLY on vibrational harmony to even WORRY about lack of results. That’s the truth.

Here’s my recommendation for you. Have you ever talked to yourself about “actual steps” you will do to activate the law of attraction? I’m sure this includes visualization twice a day, meditation, affirmations, blah, blah, blah. These are powerful tools, but they are not the core essence of why you are failing. Make it your PRIMARY AND ONLY intention to be in harmony with your inner spirit. That’s it.

Believe me, if you actually focus on that, you can make it happen. Period.

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My name is Gabriel Patlashenko, and I am a writer from Toronto, Canada. The Secret did not leave you equipped with all the tools to successfully manifest your dream life. Please check out for a free tele-seminar with Bob Proctor that could (and will) change your life.