Let's be honest, aren't you just a little skeptical about people who appear happy all the time? Who say they have the secret to happiness because there is only ever good things happening in their lives........because surely this goes against some of the most fundamental laws of the universe doesn't it?

Such as:

That there are always two sides to everything: black and white, day and night, positive and negative, yin and yang, happy and unhappy ... and then the universal law of rhythm ... that there will always be cycles in life, ebb and flow, rise and fall, happy times and unhappy times.

So when you think about it, living a life where there are only good things and being happy 24/7 just doesn't seem that realistic really does it?

Now, that doesnt mean to say that the key to happiness is to be miserable all the time......and there are many simple techniques, which I share in other articles and books, that can help change emotional states very quickly, but I also am aware that Spiritually-speaking we are here to learn and to grow and the very nature of learning and growing often means facing our fears, our challenges and moving out of a our comfort zones, which means experiencing some level of discomfort, of pain and possibly sadness.

This is, after all, how we learn the most - through pain and suffering and overcoming adversity, so if we are to learn and grow how can we be happy all the time?

Have you noticed the irony of people proclaiming to live a trouble-free, worry-free, stress-free life, as they will often tell a story of how they overcame great adversity in their lives to achieve that. So this begs the question...will the universal laws that govern natural cycles and rhythms of their lives, bring about new lessons and challenges which may cause some discomfort and even sadness and unhappiness?

So what is the key to happiness then?...What is the secret to happiness in life?...if indeed there is one.

Well for me, it has been that I should be happy in the knowledge that there are natural rhythms to my life and any pain will surely come to pass. It is my choice to grow from these challenges, accept them and find comfort in the fact that I can learn my lessons, and in doing so, a new cycle will begin and the natural rhythm of my life will bring about some comfort and joy and happiness again.

So these days I just accept that sometimes the key to happiness is to be.........Happy being Sad..!!

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