Down time; the bottom line is you have to have it to function at full capacity. Slowing down and putting your feet up is one of the essential elements to living a well-balanced lifestyle. Allowing yourself time to be calm, time to unwind and time to reflect is a precious commodity and it should be arranged on a daily basis for you to recharge and re-energize your shrine.

A dear friend of mine presented me with a plaque that read “If you can dream it… you can achieve it.” I placed it in my office and truly believe it is when we are at our quietest, when we have taken the time to step away, taken the time to be alone that we make the greatest progress toward our dream. We all have the power in our lives to make just about anything happen, so here we are, make it happen and believe in your ability one hundred percent. Visualize it, journal it, breathe it and your wish will travel alongside you and guide you toward your passion.

There are so many wonderful choices to enhance your lifestyle when it comes to taking time away from your hectic duties. Let’s take at look at them and contemplate their existence in your life.

•Sit on a park bench and read a really fabulous book.
•Go to the beach, lake, stream to sit by the water and be.
•Take a hike and reach the top.
•Go for a walk without your music.
•Lie down and meditate.
•Visit a public garden in bloom.
•Pay a visit to the local spa.
•Walk through a museum.
•Go to the movies alone.

Striving for a moment or two away each day does absolutely sensational things for your mind, body and soul. Take a look at your daily schedule and do the best you can to carve out 20-30 minutes in which to enjoy being with yourself. This is a tremendous habit in which to cultivate your life.

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Helping women work toward their goals is one pleasure in life that I adore. I've worked with women now for over 15 years and I absolutely love it when Lovely Ladies find accomplishment in their life.