NLP was discovered and developed by Richard Bandler, a psychologist, and John Grinder, a linguist. What the NLP is saying is that successful and effective people are actually 'programmed' to be successful and effective. The goal of applying the NLP is to apply the structure, to simulate, and to model the "formula" of these highly effective, successful, and excellent people. When the NLP was just being initially developed, observations of how these successful people communicate were made. NLP studied all the languages that a person uses to communicate (verbal language, body language, and eye movements).

Since NLP was created, this science has soon found its way into different forms of application.
The first example is sales. If you found someone who is an extremely good sales person, someone who has taken many years to perfect his sales strategy, by modeling him, you will be able to produce similar results to what he has been achieving.

NLP can be also be applied by students wanting to achieve excellent results. By modeling students who are extremely good in the different areas of study such as mathematics, science or humanities, one can begin to produce the same results in a short period of time by modeling the successful student who has been consistent in producing the excellent results.

Anyone who succeeds in their life and produces exceptional results in whatever area they are in; all of them exhibit certain general patterns. In other words, there is always a strategy to success that we can model from people who are extremely successful in the particular skill set or area they are in.

NLP is a powerful form of science that everyone should be introduced to. By modeling a person's patterns of excellence, and by installing them within yourself as well as running the same program into your brain, you will be able to produce the same excellent results.

By learning NLP you can do stuff that you might have thought was impossible, like Public Speaking, getting over your fear of heights and so much more. You are probably using the same method for your work, wardrobe even car. This disorganization could cost you time, energy and money. By using NLP, you will be able to find out your exact formula and change your formula to the way you like it.

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Ben Tien has been writing about Meditation Self Hypnosis for many years. He is the educator of personal development with a strong focus on effective communication. Learn more about NLP in the author blog: NLP Way