Healthy Soul-utions is all about being healthy in all areas. This called the holistic model. Looking at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of healing.
Throughout my experience in the health field, I have seen it over and over again, that when we try to heal in just one area, it is not a total healing.
I’ve seen people who only deal with their illness on the physical level and within a few years, it shows up again. One story that demonstrates this is about two fellows I met many years ago when I was studying in the States.
I met both of them at an AIDS support group. They were partners and they were traveling around sharing their story. One of them was into the holistic model and worked on dealing with the virus on all levels. He looked at and worked on all the aspects of his health and went into total remission.
His partner on the other hand was into the medical model (traditional medicine as we know it, based on allopathic medicine) and kept dealing with his illness just on the physical level with more invasive therapies. He kept getting sicker and sicker.
At one point he realized that his partner was getting well and that maybe he should look in to what he had done to heal. When he looked into the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of his being and searched for answers there, he too started to get well.
Their story is a great reminder that all aspects of ourselves are interconnected.
Everything is energy, everything vibrates. When we understand this premise, it makes it easier to see that all aspects of ourselves are really just different vibrations of what we call self... physical self, emotional self, mental self, spiritual self.
When we align all the vibrations, we are in total harmony again. So true healing brings us into a state of harmony on all levels of our being.

Author's Bio: 

Charlene Day is a well-known consultant, author and speaker. Her expertise in the areas of wellness, lifestyle counselling and holistic health is the result of more than 35 years of study and practice. Charlene is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a Registered Dietary Consultant, has a Bachelor of Spiritual Science, and holds a diploma in Social Work.

Highlights of her career include a busy massage therapy practice, therapeutic movement instructor, spiritual healing and meditation teacher, holistic coaching, teaching college nutrition classes, and as an environmentalist she focuses on environmental links to breast cancer. She was one of the presenters at the First World Conference on Breast Cancer.

Charlene has written and published The Immune System Handbook: Your Owner's Manual, Estrogen through the Life Cycle: A Guide for Menopausal Women and two versions of The Ideal Basic Diet. She contributed to Unconventional Cancer Therapies and Head, Heart and Hand: Partnerships for Women’s Health in Canadian Environments Vol. II. She writes for various magazines and has appeared on numerous television and radio shows. She has also co-authored several other health books with the newest release being: Why Do I Feel This Way? Cutting Through the Health Confusion.

Presently, she works in Toronto as a Wellness Consultant. Her common sense approach cuts through the confusion that abounds in the health arena. She has the ability to see through the physical to the essence of every challenge. Her unique perspective has facilitated many individuals to deal with issues that prevent them from achieving the quality of life they deserve.