The game of selling…quite honestly it is the biggest mind game that I know for the success of your top home based franchise. Once you have mastered the game of selling you have mastered your key to success in everything that you do; not just success in your home based franchise.

Today’s message is about persistence and how you must persist until you succeed. When you persist…When continue to take will continue to move forward and you will succeed with your home based franchise and ultimately in attaining every goal you have ever dreamed of.

If you choose not to quit...failure then, is the only option left. Success is quite honestly as simple as that.

I love what Og Mandino says: The prizes of life are at the end of each journey, not near the beginning. Never will I know how close the prize lies unless I turn the corner.

It’s funny, as many of you know; I have been in corporate sales for a long time and never quite thought of sales contests in this manner. I have won a trip to Hawaii, countless TV’s, cell phones, fun weekends away, bonus dollars...but none of those things did I win at the beginning of the contest. It usually came down to the last sale on the last day. I usually had people close on my tail and sometimes they managed to come up and beat me. I say good for them because I always love a good competition!

If they would have doesn’t matter...Jen is going to win anyway, certainly that kind attitude is good for me to win in the game, but it is failure for them. They quit and would never know if they would have won.

I beg of you; don’t be that quitter. Persist to your goals and your dreams each and every day. Persist in growing your business to be the top home based matter what the obstacles are that might be in front of you. Build your legacy, your empire with one sale at a time.

I recently wrote an article about my least favorite word of all: Can’t. Please remove it from your vocabulary starting today. You can if you just persist. Read this important message of Og Mandino’s. Embed being persistent about absolutely everything you do into your inner mind. When you do, I promise that all of the success in your home based franchise will be yours.

All the success of your dreams and goals will be yours. When you persist…you will always win.

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Jen Gilbert is the CEO of JBS Communications, LLC; a company devoted to empowering entrepreneurs around the world with marketing, sales and mindset tools to live the freedom based lives of their dreams.

While best known for her sales/marketing success and expertise, her team shares that her greatest impact is her straight-forward and unique dedication to mentoring, coaching and leadership.

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