The Elemental of your body.
It is time for us to understand that we do in fact have an elemental of our body. It is the same as what some have known as your etheric body or lower self. We all have one just like we have a higher self... The same one has been with us from our first incarnation, and incarnates from lifetime to lifetime. We did originally know we had an elemental of our body but as we became denser vibrationally and our evolution was tampered with to keep us in the third dimension so we would not spiritually evolve we have forgotten the elemental.
The elemental of your body is your architect who builds your body each lifetime incorporating all the strengths and wounds that you have acquired. The elemental is a scribe to all of your thoughts, emotions and feelings these become recorded each lifetime. They began as a blank slate but become mirrors of us as they record everything about us.
The elementals of your body on the whole do not trust humans, because we have ignored and forgotten their presence for so many lifetimes and abused ourselves, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and they have to try to stabilise and balance our bodies inspite of all of this, to make our bodies a working model as close to the original blueprint as possible. They stay with us working right up to the time when we die. It then takes three days for the elemental to leave the body. It then rests before we incarnate again.
The elemental of our bodies have a name, just as your higher self does. You can talk to both of them and hear answers and guidance.
They elementals wish to work consciously with us for the mutual benefit of our evolution. As we evolve so does our elemental. They wish to assist us to become conscious creators which is our destiny and purpose. When we work in accordance to the divine plan then the elementals work is faster and stronger because it is in accordance with the elementals ultimate programming.
Your elemental will assist you to uncover and erase negative thoughts, emotions and memories from this life time and all others this occurs as we take responsibility for everything we have created.
Black magicians have used body elementals to create a double which they then send to work to harm others; this greatly injures and disables the elementals.
For people working for the highest good and do in fact work in the physical in two places at once this work greatly enhances the elemental’s evolution.
We cannot exist physically without our elemental of the body; we would not have a body. Your elemental is a Nature spirit; humans cannot exist on the planet without the Nature spirits looking after all living things. Everything is made of energy and has a consciousness; therefore everything has a Nature spirit.

Robina Hearle. Master Practioner and Teacher of Unfolding Enlightenment

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Robina Hearle ia a Master Practioner and Teacher of Unfolding Enlightenment. She is also a flower essence producer and producer.